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Insider # 7.09: Samsung Galaxy One, iPad Pro, Smart Screen, Windows Core


The new issue of inside information will tell about the promising line of smartphones from Samsung, the fresh Apple tablet computer and an unusual TV, developed by the engineers of the Chinese HUAWEI. We will also discuss the news about the possible appearance of another operating system from Microsoft.

Samsung plans to make one new from two lines of smartphones

An electronics manufacturer from South Korea updates its mobile product line every year. This work is done twice a year. At the same time, the Galaxy S series will be upgraded in early spring, and the Galaxy Note in late summer.

Recently, there have been new rumors indicating possible changes in this practice. A press conference was held earlier this year for the Galaxy S10 series. At it, Samsung representatives said that the Galaxy S11 project may not take place due to the too long name. They suggested that the name will change next year.


It was also announced about a possible imminent merger of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines.

Recently, a well-known insider Evan Blass said that the company continues to discuss this issue. If the above decision is made, a new product line of the company may appear already in 2020.

There was initially a significant difference between the above two lines. However, when the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 came out in 2016, it dropped. There are not many differences between the devices, their characteristics have also become approximately equal.

Some users stated that the latest models differ only in the presence of a stylus on the Galaxy S.

Koreans also recognize this fact, so they decided to rebrand. It is planned that instead of the above two directions, one will appear, which will be called the Samsung Galaxy One.


The start of sales of devices with this name is scheduled for early next year, but this date is not exact. It is possible that the new line will be released a year later.

Now the autumn event of the company will be devoted to the news concerning another product of the company - Galaxy Fold. The second generation of this foldable smartphone is planned for release. It will be thinner and more compact than the existing one.

The gadget will receive a 6.7-inch flexible OLED display with a small hole for the front camera. The novelty will develop in a vertical plane, and not in a horizontal one, as it is now. Most importantly, the device will drop significantly in price.

New iPad Pro will have three cameras

After Apple equipped the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max with a triple camera unit, it became clear that similar innovations will almost certainly affect other products of the company.

Recently, a photo appeared on the network confirming these guesses. It shows the rear of an iPad Pro with three camera sensors.


The information that Apple is planning to use triple cameras in some of its developments began to arrive at the beginning of this year. When the iPhone 11 was presented, it became clear that they were confirmed. Some experts agree that the American manufacturer is following a strategy, according to the plans of which tablets should not be inferior to smartphones in terms of their photo capabilities. Moreover, the iPad Pro has enough capacity for this.

The source claims this is the final prototype. However, upon closer examination, it is easy to notice the lack of protective glass on the camera, which is typical for such modules. Therefore, it is possible that this device has still been subjected to some modifications.

HUAWEI Smart TV will be equipped with a camera

Not so long ago, there were leaks on the network concerning the yet unannounced Smart Screen TV by HUAWEI. After that, the firm decided to declassify one of its features.

To this end, a teaser was posted on the famous social network Weibo, indicating that the TV will receive a retractable camera. It will also be equipped with support for AI algorithms.


Other data indicate that this product is positioned by developers as the central console of a smart home. In the list of possible technical devices for this product, there is a speaker system that supports surround sound technology. Also, the device will be able to simultaneously control 8 auxiliary gadgets, including headphones, tablets, speakers, PCs, etc.

Microsoft is developing a new OS

It has long been rumored on the Internet that Microsoft is developing a simplified version of one of the operating systems. However, representatives of this brand stubbornly denied everything.

This lasted until the company's website found a direct mention of the operating system, which will be the successor to Windows RT. We are talking about a product called Windows Core that first appeared in the description of the Windows 10 version 1903 update.


The document does not indicate any details of the new product, but it confirms the fact of its existence. It is assumed that this operating system is intended for game consoles, tablets and other devices.

No details and the date of the OS announcement have been announced yet.

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