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Inside # 02.09: LG Wing; 12.5-inch Surface Laptop; Xiaomi TV; tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3


There will be several pieces of information in this overview of information from network whistleblowers. First, let's discuss the leak regarding the features of an interesting dual-screen smartphone LG Wing. It is believed that she was deliberately allowed in the camp of the Korean manufacturer in order to whet the interest in the device. Then let's talk about Microsoft's new laptop. It is a lightweight and compact mid-range device. At the end of the issue, we will find out the prospects for a transparent Xiaomi TV and a Samsung rugged tablet computer. The latest device will be presented soon.

A video showing the capabilities of the second display of the LG Wing device has appeared on the network

Experts believe that South Korean electronics manufacturer LG has confirmed the existence of the Project Explorer project, which created the first Wing smartphone. The main feature of this device is the presence of a second screen that can rotate or rotate.

Most users and specialists do not yet understand the principle of operation of the device, it is not clear why it needs such a feature of functioning.

It looks like the answer to the main question will be received soon. The developers are gradually revealing all the secrets related to the model and its work.


The first image of LG Wing appeared online a few weeks ago. The video showed one of the options for the possible use of the device. It became clear that the device is capable of multitasking. This allows, for example, to run two applications simultaneously (one on each screen) or to use a second display as an additional informational user interface.

Another leak appeared the other day. Experienced insiders believe that representatives of the Korean manufacturer are directly related to her. The new video demonstrates other features of the device. It shows that the smartphone is, as it were, decomposed into two parts by rotating the main display. Below it is another screen, the same size as the first.

Now it became clear that the device has a double body, and its upper pivot part is thinner.

Users and experts on the network began to actively discuss the new data. While they can not come to a common opinion on the purpose of the original form factor of this product. It is possible that in this way it will be possible to expand the notification area or improve other functional capabilities of the product.


It is clear that everything will depend on the software under which the smartphone will start to function.

Some users have already found a number of drawbacks in the design. With such a form factor, ergonomics, durability and structural strength will certainly suffer. Many people think so and, most likely, they are right in their conclusions.

Microsoft will showcase a new laptop in October

Many electronics lovers and admirers of the Microsoft brand are familiar with the Surface laptop line. The assortment of this series includes traditional devices and 2-in-1 devices. Recently it became known that the American manufacturer Microsoft is finishing work on a new mid-range model - Surface Sparti.


Resource WindowsCentral believes that the main target audience of the novelty will be students. According to him, the gadget in the basic configuration will be equipped with a 12.5-inch screen, a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory.

There is no data on exact prices for device modifications yet. It is expected to cost $ 500- $ 600, meaning it will be somewhere in the range between Surface Go and Surface Pro. It is also known that the device will be lightweight and compact.

Xiaomi engineers develop a transparent TV

A company from China has recently launched its own line of monitors, which covers all market segments. Prior to that, its specialists began to develop televisions that became famous around the world.

A few days ago, network informers presented a report on the activities of the enterprise, which said that Xiaomi is working on a new transparent TV with Samsung's 27-inch OLED panel.


More specifically, this information was provided by the MyDrivers portal. They assume that the novelty will be on sale next year. The device will become the flagship of the new line.

Experts argue that the new TV will be expensive. Its technical characteristics have not yet been announced.

Another Samsung tablet has been registered with the Bluetooth SIG

Less than a month after the Korean company announced several new tablet computers: Galaxy Tab S7, S7 Plus, as well as the entry-level Galaxy Tab A7 (2020) gadget.

Insiders have learned that another model will soon be presented - the protected Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3. This became clear after the device was registered in the Bluetooth SIG. Prior to this, the novelty was tested in the GeekBench benchmark.


It is known to be based on the Exynos 9810 chipset with 4 GB of RAM. The device runs Android 10. Its battery EB-BT575BBE received a capacity of 5050 mAh.

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