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Inside # 01.09: Galaxy Z Fold S; vivo chameleon smartphone; new Samsung


Insiders are in constant search. Since the recession linked to the coronavirus pandemic, most electronics manufacturers have stepped up. Their engineers develop various new products with enviable regularity, and marketers promote them. Users will learn about the existence and features of most of such devices long before the announcement. This is possible thanks to the efforts of network informants. Today, the release will contain information mainly related to smartphones. First, we will find out interesting nuances of the folding Galaxy Z Fold S. Then we will discuss an interesting development from vivo. In the end, let's take a look at some of Samsung's new products.

Galaxy Z Fold S has a feature not previously known

Much has been written about devices with flexible displays. In the near future, we should expect an abundance of tests, unpacks, reviews of these devices. This will especially affect the fundamentally different Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Microsoft Surface Duo. The second device, in fact, is a device with two screens, rather than a folding display.

For some, this is a disadvantage, but most believe that the device has a number of advantages that the Fold 2 lacks. For example, thanks to the original form factor, Microsoft Surface Duo can be deployed in any direction. This makes it possible to use it in different modes.

The apparatus of American developers received hinges of an interesting design. The panels of the product do not fit snugly together. This is what makes it possible to place its two halves at different angles, which is not available for a device from South Korea.

However, things may change soon. In 2021, another smartphone with a flexible screen is expected - the Galaxy Z Fold S. Insiders have learned that it will have a new type of hinge. It will allow you to unfold the device at angles up to 3600.


Additionally, it will be possible to use a large display to work in both tablet and smartphone mode.

It is also known that the device will receive fewer components. Earlier, there were rumors about the imminent release of a more affordable version of the foldable device from the Korean manufacturer. Some thought the Galaxy Z Fold S would be that product.

Experts assume that the Fold S will receive fewer cameras and a less powerful processor. This will certainly keep the cost of the smartphone down compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but what about the new hinge? There is no talk of its creation yet. If it is a high-tech part, then its cost will certainly increase the final price of the device.

Therefore, it is too early to draw conclusions about the prices for the new product. You need to wait a little before the announcement, or at least until the first information from insiders arrives.

vivo engineers have created a smartphone that can change color

Some experts tend to believe that there has been a stagnation in smartphone design and innovation over the past few years. In their opinion, most manufacturers of such devices were striving to create something that looks like an iPhone, since all the trends were set by developers from the United States.

It is possible that this is so. It is worth remembering the second life of "clamshells", devices with flexible displays, devices with under-screen cameras. All this has appeared relatively recently. It should also be noted that so far nothing is known about Apple's plans in this regard. It seems that the vector of the industry is changing.

The number of new products with an original form factor or design is constantly growing. Recently, there was news of the intentions of a Chinese firm seeking to set a new trend.

We are talking about creating a vivo smartphone that can change color at the user's command.

This was recently reported by the Android Authority resource. According to the portal, the specialists of this manufacturer intend to use electrochromic glass to achieve the desired effect. It can change its color when exposed to mechanical impact.

It is assumed that the user will only have to click on the side panel of the device, as a result of which the parameters of the electrical network will change. This will change the color from dark blue to silver.

In confirmation of this, a video showing the capabilities of the device appeared on the Internet.

Earlier, mobile device manufacturers began to use gradient colors in their products. It is the ability to change the color of a surface depending on its viewing angle.

What specific vivo model is in question has not yet been established. It is likely that the device will be shown in January next year at CES.

New Samsung

A South Korean company recently unveiled the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but insiders have already announced the imminent premiere of two new devices from the enterprise.

We are talking about the Galaxy A42 5G smartphone and the Galaxy Fit 2 fitness bracelet.

Galaxy A42 5G replaced last year's A41. This device is the first (among the company's devices) in its niche, which is equipped with a module for working in fifth generation networks. It has a 6.6-inch AMOLED matrix with a teardrop-shaped cutout for the front camera. The main camera has four sensors here. There is no other information about the machine.


Galaxy Fit 2 will receive a sleek body, a 1.1-inch AMOLED display with virtual buttons for control, a more capacious battery (159 mAh) and rich functionality. The user of the device will be able to measure heart rate, sleep quality, steps, calories burned.

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