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Samsung: what is and what will be


Samsung has not been spared the challenges associated with the coronavirus pandemic. Everything is over, the enterprise has completely resumed the entire production cycle. We will tell you about the latest news regarding her current and future activities. First, we will find out which product will be released, Samsung will mark the 5th anniversary of one of its services. Then, let's talk about recent testing of the Galaxy S20 + camera by DxOMark. At the end of the review, we will touch on the topic of folding devices. Three such gadgets are expected to be released.

Samsung will issue a debit card

Samsung Pay service has been operating since 2015. Not all users use it, but most of the company's customers are positive about it.

The main advantage of the functionality is the availability of MST technology, which allows you to use your own mobile device to pay for services instead of a bank card. This option is possible not only in the presence of NFC terminals, but also in cases when only plastic cards with a magnetic stripe are accepted.


The service is five years old the other day. To commemorate this anniversary, Samsung has partnered with finance company SoFi to release the Samsung Card debit card. Commercial use of the product will begin in the summer.

The Korean electronics manufacturer is not the first to do this. Prior to this, Apple issued a physical card in addition to the service. Now it is the well-known Apple Card. Google is currently taking certain steps in this direction.

The Samsung blog provides some clarification on how to work with another enterprise product. It says the Samsung Card will come with a money management account that will run on the user's smartphone. The company will release a special application allowing its clients to control all their financial manipulations.

Many people will start comparing Samsung Card with Apple Card now. It should be borne in mind here that the American version is a credit card, while the Koreans have a debit card. The second significant difference is that Apple Card works with Goldman Sachs, while its Korean counterpart is not tied to any major banking service.

Experts have their opinion on the Galaxy S20 + camera

Not so long ago, our resource talked about the assessment of the photo capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra by experts. Now it's the turn of the Galaxy S20 +, whose cameras have been reviewed by DxOMark experts.

To do this, they conducted a series of tests in various modes and conditions. As a result, the research team formulated the main advantages of the camera: photos have an accurate exposure even in low light, wide dynamic range, pleasant colors, good detail in street photos and high-quality ultra wide-angle shots.

There are some drawbacks here: noise when shooting indoors, in low light, visible artifacts, low detail at high zoom and underexposed night shots.


The video files made by the device were liked by the presence of accurate exposure, color reproduction, fast autofocus and texture processing. At the same time, there was noticeable noise when recording indoors and in low light, slightly limited dynamic range, insufficient stabilization and visible image jitter.

According to the test results, the device scored 118 points, which allowed it to take tenth place in the list of all devices tested by DxOMark specialists.

Three foldable Samsung devices are preparing

A South Korean company has a particular interest in foldable gadgets. It launched the Galaxy Fold a year ago, the sleek Galaxy Z Flip launched at the beginning, and now many users are interested in the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2.

One of the famous bloggers - Max Weinbach wrote on his page in the social network that soon Samsung will show the folding Galaxy Fold E. He even indicates its cost - $ 1100.

According to rumors from other sources, this manufacturer intends to release three such devices in the near future. Allegedly, one of them will be equipped with ultra-thin folding glass like the Galaxy Z Flip (UTG), and the other two models will receive plastic panels, like the original Samsung Galaxy Fold.


One of the smartphones will launch alongside the Galaxy Note 20. Both devices are expected to feature an S Pen for added functionality, 120Hz displays and new camera technology borrowed from the Galaxy S20 series.

No confirmation or denial of this fact has been received from the camp of the Korean company.

The main factor holding back the proliferation of devices with foldable displays is their cost. Currently Galaxy Z Flip or Motorola Razr 2020 are on sale for $ 1400.

If manufacturers manage to reduce the price tag for such devices and fix it in the range of $ 900 - $ 1100, then their cost will be equal to the standard flagships. Like the Galaxy S20 or iPhone 11 Pro.

Such a move will certainly increase the interest of users in such products, as many will want to evaluate devices with a new form factor.

It is possible that with this trend, smartphones with flexible displays will soon be in more demand on the market than their conventional counterparts.

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Author: Jake Pinkman