Insider # 4.06: Samsung virtual promotion; ARM processor for Mac from Apple; Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (Topic)

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Insider # 4.06: Samsung virtual promotion; ARM processor for Mac from Apple; Samsung Galaxy Fold 2


This Insider Newsletter focuses on information related to two companies: Samsung and Apple. First, let's talk about the upcoming event of the Korean manufacturer, where several new products are planned to be announced. In the third information block, we will discuss the nuances of the functional equipment of the folding device Galaxy Fold 2. In addition, we will talk about Apple chipsets, which they plan to equip in the near future with their own laptops.

Samsung will show some gadgets during the special event

On August 5, a South Korean company is set to host a virtual Unpacked event. Several new additions are expected to be shown on this forum: the Galaxy Note 20 line, Galaxy Z Flip 5G and Galaxy Fold 2.


This information was spread by the famous blogger John Prosser. He claims that sales of all these products will begin on August 20, as well as the Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy BudsX headphones and the Galaxy Tab S7 + tablet, according to the tech blogger. The likelihood of this is not high, since earlier similar products were shown a little later, during other presentations.

For the first time, Samsung Unpacked will take place in virtual mode. Before that, it was mainly visited by journalists, Samsung partners, representatives of other companies. Due to the pandemic, it will be held in an unusual format.

I would like to note that not only Samsung Unpacked will be held this way this year. Many major electronics manufacturers have hosted or intend to host their presentations and forums online.

Previously, such events were attended by thousands of people, which is completely unacceptable in a viral pandemic. Until it is completely defeated, there is no need to even talk about returning to the usual format.

Apple to reveal new ARM processor for Mac soon

For several years, rumors have been circulating that Apple should abandon Intel chipsets, and that its Mac computers will be equipped with only its own processors.

Recently Bloomberg reported that Yabloko is almost ready to announce this decision to the whole world.

The company successfully develops processors for its iPhone and iPad mobile devices. In terms of quality and performance, they are better than analogues from Qualcomm, MediaTek and products from other manufacturers.

However, the US company uses x86-based Intel products for its desktop and notebook PCs. This has been going on for over ten years.


Apple will get a number of advantages from switching to its own chipsets. Chief among them is that the company will have more control over the performance of Mac computers. This will allow her to optimize the interaction of her hardware and software. Something similar is currently observed with iOS devices.

The process of switching to another architecture is not easy and can take a long time. This sometimes takes years. However, Apple is not afraid of such prospects. Prior to that, she used PowerPC processors in her personal computers. In 2005, at the WWDC conference, it was announced plans to switch to chips from Intel, and a year later the company's laptops were equipped with products from this manufacturer.

Bloomberg claims that this time Apple will go the same way. The WWDC Forum, starting June 22, 2020, will announce the start of production of ARM-based Mac chipsets. Intel products will not be installed on these devices from now on.

It is not yet clear how long it will take for Yabloko to completely switch to ARM processors. Most likely, the first such products will be chipsets that are optimized for thin and light laptops, rather than the power-hungry, high-performance chips found in systems like the Mac Pro.

Experts have already speculated that the first Mac processor will be a 12-core ARM-based device with 8 high-performance Firestorm cores and 4 Icestorm cores, as well as dedicated graphics and AI neural processing cores. p>

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 won't get stylus

For several months now, insiders and experts have been arguing on the network about the technical equipment of the foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The main point of dispute is the issue of equipping the device with a stylus. Its presence was attributed to the first version of the gadget, but the accessory was abandoned there.


Most likely, the same will happen in the case of the second reincarnation of the apparatus. The main reason for this step lies in the features of the bendable device.

More specifically, the problem is the lack of strength of the flexible screen of the product. Its protective glass is only 0.03 mm thick, while, for example, the Galaxy Note10 equipped with a stylus, this figure is 0.4 mm.

Insiders claim that the Galaxy Fold 2 will receive glass of the same type, so Samsung is not planning to equip it with a stylus. Even without this accessory, this smartphone will become one of the most interesting devices.

It will receive a QHD matrix resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and two configurations of internal memory: 256 GB or 512 GB. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to be shown on August 5.

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