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IPhone with invisible camera coming in 2020


The smartphone market has already expanded with products that have displays that take up the entire front panel. Their cameras are capable of extending, there are several options for this method. This helps clear up space for the display.

But Apple has every chance to create a trend for a new look of smartphones with the release of the iPhone with an invisible camera.

The Chinese have succeeded in developing this kind. At first, no one took seriously the products of their labor, now the advantages of such devices are becoming obvious.

True, the design suffers. The appearance with the camera extended is not very attractive. In addition, the Chinese manufacturers do not have a state-of-the-art recognition system. For example, like Apple Face ID. Another disadvantage can be a violation of the waterproofing of the smartphone.

Apple Development

Experts hope for Apple. Despite the promise of Chinese developments, it is believed that this campaign will find a way to place the front cameras outside the front monitor.

The speaker used for communication and other sensors will most likely also be moved to another place, behind the display.

However, this is possible only when the development of a new type of apparatus is completed. Probably, there will be a truly global change in the external characteristics of this type of device. Bezelless monobrow smartphones will appear.

Some Apple vendors are focused on development in this direction. One of them, Largan, is currently developing a front cover for smartphones often used by selfie lovers. It is described as "pure and black." The front selfie cameras of such products will remain out of sight of the average user. Despite this, all the characteristics of their work will remain at the same high level.


Now the front camera of any phone is clearly visible. Some users complain about this. It seems impossible to believe in it, but it is. It is not yet possible to make the lens invisible.

Developed black coating will make what you want real. The camera will be hidden in the background. True, it is necessary to make a reservation here. This technology is not one that can remove the camcorder from the front panel altogether. Thanks to the developed coating, it will simply become invisible. This innovation is expected to form the basis for the firm's latest design endeavors, which should generate several billion US dollars in revenue. These are just opinions and calculations so far.

But no one stands still. In addition to activities in this direction, the Yabloko people are conducting research in other areas.

New display and perspective for Largan

Apple is currently developing a display that will sit on top of the front cameras. With a positive solution to this problem, there will be no need to use the coating created by the specialists of Largan. How then the gadget giant will manage with the development of one of its most reliable and loyal suppliers is not known.

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This technology has not yet been officially presented. Tentatively, the first devices designed with its use will not appear on the market until 2020.

Taiwanese editions "Economic Daily News" and "MoneyDJ" discussed this project in detail. Where they got the information from the category of trade secrets is not indicated. Journalists refer to their own sources of information.

It should be said that Largan has the advantage in this situation. If Apple's developments have a prospect, then the company's younger brother will also receive this technology. The new iPhones, in which Largan is actively involved, will make sure to take advantage of the latest technology.

It is also known that another company will receive admission to the latest developments Apple related to improving displays. However, it is not specified what kind of company it is.

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