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IPhone 11: what would you like to see in it?


The iPhone 11 release will undoubtedly be one of the biggest mobile industry events of 2018. There are already reports confirming that Apple is preparing something special, but there is no escape from the chasm between the desired and the real.

Whatever innovations are presented to us in the iPhone 11, the smartphone will not be so perfect to satisfy the tastes of all consumers at once. So what would we like to see in the next iPhone?

External storage

Apple has already added the Files manager to iOS 11's arsenal, making it much easier to work with files on external drives. But this is a little different. It would be just great if the iPhone 11 had memory card support. Why don't Apple smartphones support microSD? Probably for security reasons. But no one will deny that the presence of a slot for a memory card gives more opportunities for fast data transfer between different platforms.

Home button

Almost all smartphones on the market today lack a physical home button. Its absence allows you to take the maximum of the front panel under the display. And yet, the circular Home button was a recognizable physical aspect of Apple smartphones for many years until it disappeared in the X. It would be nice to see it return to the iPhone 11.

AirPods included

Many were outraged that the iPhone 7 lacked the usual 3.5 audio jack. In fact, Apple decided everything unilaterally: there will be no more mini-jack, buy wireless AirPods. Surely the outraged would have been much less if the price of these same wireless AirPods did not exceed 2-3 thousand rubles. But in the official store they are offered for as much as 12 thousand, and this is a really large sum for an accessory. Will they be in the box with the new iPhone 11? Hardly. But I really want it.

OLED display

Apple finally took advantage of OLED display technology last year, but it is a little upsetting that this innovation only affected the premium iPhone X. As for the next smartphone model, it is rumored to have a standard LCD display.

Dual camera module

The dual cameras of the iPhone X and iPhone 8+ are considered one of the best in the mobile market. Other Apple smartphones are equipped with single modules. Since the dual camera is almost the main trend in the smartphone industry, most likely it will be present in the eleventh model. But so far there is no confirmation of this.

New camera

There are already speculations that the iPhone 2018 will use an improved TrueDepth camera system. This will reduce the cutout for modules located at the top of the screen, and will also have a positive effect on the quality of images.

4K Resolution

At least one of three iPhone models slated for 2018 is expected to be 4K. Perhaps it will be a premium device with a large 6.5-inch display.

Three models

Leaks of information about devices under development occur months before their release. Fortunately or unfortunately, not all rumors turn out to be true. So, it was expected that Google Pixel 2 will have three different modifications, but in fact there were two of them. Now everyone expects Apple to show three new iPhone models this fall. But the wait is still long, and the company's plans may change.

Faster LTE Speed

While the iPhone is one of the most advanced smartphones, it is not without flaws: a number of iPhone X and 8 users report problems with Wi-Fi connectivity and slow mobile internet. So it would be great if the iPhone 11 had improved LTE chips from Qualcomm and Intel. Combined with the A12 processor, this would provide high resiliency for a high-speed internet connection.

Improved autonomy

The iPhone's biggest drawback is battery life. iPhone X is often criticized for its low battery capacity. The huge bright screen negates all the energy efficiency of the internal chips, so it is highly desirable for Apple to improve the situation in iPhone 11. This is especially important if Apple intends to release a smartphone with a large screen and high resolution.

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