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Apple put iPhone SE back on sale at resale value


Apple has given a second chance to lovers of classic design and compact devices to purchase the iPhone SE at a reduced price. The company has returned to retail with its long-standing model, which was officially discontinued in early autumn last year. The iPhone appeared on one of the American online stores among the devices presented in the sales block.

The neat iPhone SE, which an American online store offers at a discounted price, is available in two colors - gold and pink. The iPhone build options turned out to be $ 100 and $ 150 cheaper than their price before September 2018. So, a configuration with 32 GB of memory goes for $ 249, an assembly with 128 GB of internal memory is estimated at $ 299.

For the first time, the "apple" company presented the iPhone SE in 2016. The smartphone received the same body as its predecessor 5s, and its operating component was iOS 9, later updated to version 12.1. The Apple A9 processor was responsible for the operation of the device, the iPhone SE with a 4-inch display was equipped with a TouchID fingerprint scanner, a 12 MP camera, and supported LTE and Wi-Fi technologies. Many details of the smartphone turned out to be identical to the iPhone 6S, to a certain extent the SE model was its reduced and slightly simplified copy.


Despite the fact that the "apple" corporation sells out stocks and does not start re-production, most of the fans of Apple products have assigned the status of the most convenient device to the 4-inch iPhone SE, and its absence in the current sales line for some became the reason for upset.

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Author: Jake Pinkman