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Experts called the 2019 iPhone line the most uninteresting


The next line of smartphones, the release of which Apple is preparing in 2019, caused not the most optimistic mood of experts. In their opinion, the new iPhone does not have significant changes and technological innovations, so it will not be able to attract increased interest from buyers. Compared to the iPhones of last year, the 2019 family, in addition to the triple camera and color solutions, cannot boast of design innovations and a large number of innovations.

The final date for the official release of the new line with the working title iPhone 11 has not yet been determined. According to the existing tradition, the company presents new smartphones every year at the beginning of autumn. But despite this, the appearance and technical characteristics of the new 2019 line were known even before the official announcement.

Return to the past

According to insiders and other network leaks, the new 2019 iPhone will have the same design as last year's smartphones. No innovations in its appearance are expected, except for the additional module of the main camera. We can say that the iPhone 11 will receive the exterior of two years ago, including the famous "monobrow".


For comparison, the 2017 model of the year became an Apple smartphone with a radically changed design - the iPhone X distinguished itself by an unusual "monobrow" notch in the screen for that time. Such a design move was implemented in connection with the introduction of Face ID, which was unique at that time and was not found in other smartphones.


In addition to the design two years ago, the new iPhone 2019 has every chance to return to Touch ID technology, which served as protection in Apple smartphones in 2016. At the same time, the abandonment of Face ID in favor of a fingerprint sensor will not be large-scale, but will only spread to the Chinese market, where facial recognition is not very popular. At the same time, as an exception, the Touch ID option, if it comes back, will not be in the form of a Home button - the company can embed a fingerprint scanner directly into the screen.

Cameras, 5G & USB-C

There are still certain differences between the iPhone 11 and the models of previous years. So, the new iPhone will receive a triple camera, which the iPhone X and XS of 2018 do not have. However, according to a number of insider sources, the corporation will not improve the technology for processing photos, both built-in and cloud. Therefore, another sensor in the camera may not affect the final image quality in any way.


In addition, the new iPhone will receive a USB-C output to replace the Lightning connector. Experts considered that the abandonment of Lightning, which debuted in 2012, cannot be called a positive moment in favor of the new iPhone, and the use of USB-C is more relevant for tablets, the use of which often involves connecting external devices.

Support for 5G networks, which is actively rolling out in 2019, is also not expected in the iPhone 11. Apple probably suggests that their reach is far from universal.


Presumably, all the most interesting new items Apple will be able to implement in the family of iPhones in 2020. Among them will be the introduction of the 5G standard and, according to a number of experts, a complete rejection of screen cutouts. They can be replaced with other solutions, for example, in the form of a pull-out unit. There is a likelihood of the appearance of a completely updated design, which is indirectly confirmed by the departure from Apple of chief designer Jonathan Ive.

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