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Samsung's Artificial Intelligence Research Center opens in the USAn capital


Samsung Corporation is launching its next Center for the Study of Artificial Intelligence at the end of May 2018.

Geographically, it will be located in Moscow. Similar scientific departments will also start operating in Canadian Toronto and English Cambridge. Research work in them is carried out by regional specialists. The corporation already has a couple of operating centers - in the famous American Silicon Valley and Korean Seoul.

Global Global Research

The opening of the Moscow branch is scheduled for May 29 . The Moscow structure is organized by two divisions of the company: the Samsung Research direction and the consumer goods department of Samsung Electronics. The capital's center will continue scientific observations of artificial intelligence and will develop algorithms focused on adapting AI for the end user. Business releases from Samsung indicate that the company is interested in highly skilled USA physicists and mathematicians. AI research will be led by USA specialists in the fundamental sciences.

A little earlier, similar structures were opened in Canada and the UK. According to the project leaders, the Cambridge center, which is assigned the main role of all work on artificial intelligence, will conduct experiments on defining emotions, communication skills, teaching human behavior - everything that is focused on the interaction of an artificial brain and a person. The corporation plans to increase the total number of the research team to 1000 people (by 2020). This is planned through international interaction and cooperation with scientists from other countries.

Samsung and USA solutions

This is not the first time Samsung has collaborated with domestic IT specialists. So, in 2016, USA developments of the Svace analyzer appeared in the SDK included in the Tizen mobile operating system. This analyzer is a program that searches for defects in source code.

Tizen is a Linux-based mobile OS. The product is being promoted by such giants as Samsung, Intel, Chinese ZTE and other companies. In 2016, the Scientific Council for USA Software did not include Tizen in the Register of USA Software. Although a year earlier, in 2015, the development of Tizen was considered the main candidate for government funding in order to support domestic software.

Samsung and smart technologies

In the spring of 2017, Samsung introduced its smart new product - a voice assistant named Bixby. Initially, the assistant was implemented in smartphones of the Galaxy S8 and S8 + series. The development was a restart of the previous smart technology - S Voice, created in 2012 for the Galaxy S3 gadget.

Bixby is now available for the entire Galaxy lineup, provided the device has Android Nouga operating system. Bixby Intelligence includes Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision augmented reality, Bixby Home, and other supporting interfaces.

A year earlier, Samsung announced the introduction of the Bixby system in the Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators, making them the first household appliance to have a smart assistant. The company also announced the creation of Bixby 2.0, which is planned to be further included in the device of all Samsung products: from gadgets to kitchen appliances. The Korean company intends to do this by 2020. Programmers will be able to make apps for the Bixby system using the Samsung Developer Kit. Now the smart assistant from Samsung is distributed in 200 countries, but so far only in three languages: standard English, as well as Korean and Chinese.

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