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Supercar T 50, truck with autopilot and other technological vehicles


Many promising technologies and developments are found in all areas of human activity. Land transport and other means of transportation do not remain outside the scientific and technological progress. On the pages of our resource, readers regularly get acquainted with the new developments of scientists and specialists, which are used in various devices, gadgets, electronic devices. In this review, we will talk about the use of scientific achievements in the field of all modes of transport.

Propeller car from the creator of McLaren F1

Two years ago, Gordon Murray (this is the designer who developed the McLaren F1) created his own company - Gordon Murrey Automotive. Its activities were covered with a veil of secrecy. There was no information available about the work carried out there.

Only recently it became known that the designer and his colleagues were developing a new supercar model. He announced his readiness to tell about it and its technical characteristics.


The device is called T 50. This is a prototype that could become the most revolutionary among mass-produced machines. Gordon Murray explained that the main feature of the T 50 is an aerodynamic configuration with a setup that has no analogues in the world.

The essence of the system is to equip the stern of the vehicle with a 400 mm propeller. Its work not only increases downforce, but also further improves engine efficiency. When braking, it also contributes to the faster deceleration process. There are six operating modes of the installation in total. Most of them stimulate acceleration, and one - deceleration of the car.

The first of them is High Downforce, which increases downforce by 30%, the other is Streamline Mode, which allows to reduce drag by 10% when driving in a straight line.

The Vmax mode briefly increases the power of the car using three-minute pulses transmitted from the starter generator.

When using the braking program, the downforce generated by the fan is used. This makes it possible to reduce the braking distance of a vehicle traveling at a speed of 240 km / h to 10 meters. There is also a test mode that is used to demonstrate the power of the car on the spot.

The release of the first copies of the model is scheduled for 2022. There will be about a hundred of them in total. Each will cost about $ 2.5 million.

A self-driving truck has traveled more than 4500 kilometers in the USA

It is believed that commercial transportation will be the most efficient way to use self-driving cars. Therefore, now several companies are developing such machines almost simultaneously. Among them, Nikola Tre and Semi from Tesla have achieved the greatest success. Their brainchildren are being tested on polygons and on real tracks.


The achievements demonstrated by the truck with equipment for self-management of the startup are amazing. He was able to independently overcome 4500 kilometers. In this case, the car was loaded. Her route ran from Tulare, California to Quakertown, Pennsylvania. It took almost three days.

During the trip, there was always a safety engineer and a person with driver skills in the cab. In case of any unforeseen situation, he could take control.

The developers of the project reported that they have been conducting such trips for almost a year, but they decided to talk about them only now. They also explained about the nature of the transported cargo. It was 18 tons of butter, which is in demand at this time of the year. used an autonomous control system during the test, which includes several cameras, lidar and radar. This allows the car to orient itself while driving on the road.

Canadian company conducted test flights of the world's first electric aircraft

Representatives of the Canadian company Harbor said that their brainchild, an electric-powered DHC-2 Beaver aircraft, spends no more than $ 10-15 when covering a distance of 160 km. It is a seaplane capable of taking off and landing from water.


Despite the fact that it is able to carry only six passengers, it has no analogues in the world. No one has ever used this type of transport commercially.

The company owns a fleet of 14 such aircraft. The main disadvantage of their use is the limitation in flight range. On a single charge, the device can cover a distance of 160 km and no more.

Despite this, Harbor is confident that the future belongs to such models, and not to aircraft with traditional hydrocarbon engines. Serving the latter requires a lot of time and a network of gas stations.

The company plans to complete scheduled tests and begin transporting passengers from early 2022.

Electric car broke the speed record

Cars with electric motors are already able not only to travel far, but also to do it quickly. This is confirmed by the achievement of the Genovation GXE electric car, which managed to accelerate to a speed of 340.8 km / h.


This happened during test runs in the United States on the territory of the Space Center. Kennedy. Interestingly, the car has been updating its own achievement for the third time.

Next year it is planned to release 75 such models with 800 hp engines. Chevrolet Corvette C7 is used as a base for this car.

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