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Chinese scientists create a mind-reading computer chip


Scientists at a Chinese university have developed a computer chip that makes it possible to integrate the state-of-the-art brain-computer interface into everyday life. This development was specially created to establish a connection between a person and a machine for reading brain signals.

Brain neural signals are often found in background noise. The chip, named Brain Talker, is able to distinguish the reactions of the brain from the general background, which gives a better interaction between the computer mechanism and the person. In addition, the development can recognize and minor electronic signals, and then convert them into information. In general, all the capabilities of the chip contribute to greater accuracy and speed of devices with a human-computer interface.

The name Brain-Computer Interface (neural interfaces) speaks for itself. These devices provide contact between the electronic device and the brain. In other words, they perform mind reading, which is most often associated with supernatural abilities rather than modern technology. Recently, researchers have been able to significantly improve the development of this technology. For example, scientists have managed to create a device that can read neural signals from the brain and transform them into speech form. A system has also appeared that allows you to mentally control the famous game "Tetris". But so far all developments in this area are not massive and do not have large-scale use in everyday life.


The Chinese development Brain Talker has every chance of becoming a technology through which the human-machine interface will become publicly available, and everyone can use it. The computer chip is considered a joint product of China's Tianjin University and the local state corporation China Electronics. A device capable of recognizing the neural activity of the brain, decoding and translating it into digital information, differs from similar neurocomputer developments in higher accuracy, compact dimensions and efficiency of computational operations.

The characteristics of the Brain Talker allow the chip to be used not only in scientific experiments, but also to make the brain-computer interface suitable for practical applications in the field of education, medicine and entertainment. Brain Talker developers are further improving their chip to make devices based on it more affordable for everyone.

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Author: Jake Pinkman