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Robots will displace humans in half by 2022


Experts of the World Economic Forum (Switzerland) were puzzled by the question of further changes in the labor market in the near future.

In particular, analysts have assessed industries where industrial automation mechanisms are used or will soon be used and the use of robotics to replace "human" specialists. According to researchers, in just a few years the total number of all jobs performed by machines will increase from 29 to 42%.

Where is progress

Innovative technologies are developing at a rapid pace, and robotics has already firmly entered many industries: automobile concerns are engaged in projects of unmanned vehicles and cargo transportation, medicine - the introduction of robots in surgery and diagnostics. The benefit is obvious: modern automation allows you to speed up many industries and even ensure human safety, for example, they plan to use robots in rescue operations that are trained to effectively cope with various obstacles.

But there is another side - the active replacement of people with robots threatens to lose the work of some specialists who will become unclaimed. Modern technologies can seriously change the structure of the world labor market, especially in cases where workers in some professions will not be able to quickly change their qualifications and employment.

Robots rule

Scientists of the World Economic Forum (an organization that regularly holds conferences on world economic, environmental and health issues) decided to quantify the number of workers who may be out of work due to technological progress. Experts conducted surveys of top management of large world-scale companies, analyzed the number of jobs that will be given to robots or mechanized.

Currently, the share of automated production in world practice is 29%. Experts' calculations say that in the next four years this figure will increase - in 2022, 42% of the work will be performed by machines. Moreover, the percentage depends on the specific field of application of robotics. For example, at the moment, automation is used by 46% for information retrieval and data processing, and in four years its use is projected to grow to 62%. At the same time, analysts believe that robots will become more intensively introduced into processes that are considered exclusively "human" - managerial decision-making, communications, organization of project work.

The researchers clarify that you shouldn't worry too much about mass unemployment. Scientists estimate that when robots replace 75 million existing jobs, even more new ones will appear instead - up to 133 million for specialists in demand.

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Author: Jake Pinkman