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Huami Technology and its new products


“We allow people to create a connection between each other and the Internet using what they can simply put on. Our mission is to unite the whole world! " This is the motto of the Chinese company Huami Technology, created not so long ago, in 2013.

Now this company is one of the largest players in the wearable device market, owning 17.1%. During the existence of the company, more than 50 million units of its products have been sold.

Huami is a partner of Xiaomi and the only manufacturer of Mi Band.

In order to have a brand independent from the older colleague, in 2015 a new project was launched - the Amazfit brand appeared. Only Huami Technology engineers and specialists were involved in the creation of the products of this group. There was no patronage from Xiaomi.

The Amazfit-branded fashion trackers now include such product lines as Bip, Pace, Stratos, Arc, Cor, Moonbeam and Equator. All these devices have a stylish and sleek design, equipped with advanced functionality that makes it easy to track important vital signs. They are also effective helpers in sports.

Since November 14, 2018, the company has been cooperating with the University of Science and Technology of China. Almost from the same time, through the efforts of representatives of the Chinese manufacturer, partnerships were established with the famous University of California at San Diego - UCSD.

A number of other companies have been actively cooperating with this center for several years, including such tech giants as Sony and Samsung. UCSD has a unifying mission for many of the world's leading researchers and professors. The goal of such cooperation is to jointly develop new platforms and technologies for devices of the future.

At the end of the same year, Huami Technology amazed all experts with the conclusion of another promising contract. She signed a long-term deal with the Timex Group brand. This company is known for its watches, which it has been producing for 160 years.

The joint venture could increase the global influence of the Chinese manufacturer in the smartwatch market. It is possible that soon, thanks to the many years of experience of Timex and the latest developments of Huami, a new generation of smart devices will appear on the market. It will surely receive a modern design, advanced functionality.

This is not the end of the series of contracts beneficial for the company. In January 2019, the firm entered into a strategic partnership with McLaren Applied Technologies. This brand is one of the world leaders in the field of technological and design solutions.

From such cooperation, the Chinese developer will be able to reach a new level in the development of mobile applications. There may also be new ways to interact with devices that provide an even broader view of biometrics.

The results of all the above contracts will not be long in coming. This is evidenced by one of the latest developments by Huami Technology. Let's tell you more about it. Then we will discuss another product of the company, which is not a core product. However, its release right now is not only relevant, but also a bit trendy.

Inexpensive smartwatch with NFC

Huami has announced the launch of the new Amazfit Bip Lite 1S smartwatch. The gadget is equipped with a color 1.28-inch display with a resolution of 176x176 pixels, covered with a protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 3.

Ten sport modes are included in the device software. An optical sensor is responsible for monitoring the health of the user, which allows you to measure the pulse and signaling malfunctions of the heart (for example, arrhythmias).

For communication, the model provides for several wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.2, GPS and GLONASS. There is also an NFC module that allows contactless payments via AliPay.

The body of the accessory is protected against ingress of water and dust. The developers declare that the watch can be left on while swimming in the pool and diving to a depth of 50 meters.

Autonomy is provided by a 200 mAh battery. According to the manufacturer's assurances, one charge will last for a month of functioning of the smart watch when used in moderate mode. It includes no more than one hundred contacts per day.

There is also an economical mode that increases the autonomy up to 80 days.

The Amazfit Bip Lite 1S will start selling on May 8 at a price of $ 56 in red-orange, black, white and pink cases.

Protective mask

In the context of the raging coronavirus pandemic, products are becoming relevant that can help prevent infection or fight it. Huami understands this too, and that's why they started working on one project.

This became known from insiders, who recently reported that specialists from a Chinese developer are working on a prototype of a protective mask.


A feature of this product will be the ability to recognize the face of the user of a smartphone equipped with the Face Unlock functionality. A person will be able to unlock the device without removing the mask, which means that they will not be exposed to the threat of infection.

It is assumed that two prototypes will be created: X and Y. The first will have a removable filter, and the second will have a built-in ultraviolet emitter for sterilization, powered by a USB Type-C port.

It is possible that the mask will be equipped with additional filters, a cooling element and even a sensor that analyzes the quality and humidity of the air, the user's breathing rate and the level of filter contamination.

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