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Huami Amazfit GTS: a watch that matches Apple Watch functionality


Huami is famous for its smart gadgets for Xiaomi, as well as for some of its branded products. Smart watches occupy a special place in the company's product range. Their main advantage is the availability of a sufficient number of applications that make the devices functional. It is also worth noting that these products are equipped with high-capacity batteries. Let's talk in more detail about one of these gadgets, the body of which is made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Design and wearability

Many will be surprised to learn that the Huami Amazfit GTS has a solid dimensions: 43.25 x 36.25 x 9.4 mm. Here, the thickness is almost one centimeter, which is too much for a modern smartwatch.


However, the developers were able to choose the shape and color for them in such a way that even upon close examination of the device, it seems that it has an insignificant thickness. This gadget looks great, including on a graceful woman's wrist.

Dimensions and design are not the main point here. It is a fashion product that goes well with the user's different clothing styles. Amazfit GTS will look appropriate, both on the hand of a person in a sports uniform, and in combination with a business formal suit or a casual dress. You just need to choose the right interface on the dial.

For this, the manufacturer has equipped the screen with more than 70 design options. Most of them are images in a bright Asian style, but there are also restrained images that are well suited for lovers of a strict style. Those interested can develop an individual design using a special companion application.

Experts recommend using black tones in this process, as they look great on the AMOLED Amazfit GTS screen with thin bezels.

Those who have not worn bracelets or watches before, at first will feel them on their hand. However, not even 2-3 days will pass, as their presence on the wrist will become almost invisible. This is facilitated by its low weight, only 25 grams and a high-quality leather strap. It can be replaced with a bracelet made of any material. It is worth noting the reliability and quality of the strap attachment mechanism.


It captures everything well and does not suffer from protruding parts.

The possibilities offered by smart watches

Huami Amazfit GTS give out a lot of useful information. They show: the number of steps taken, time, heart rate, weather data, information about calls and messages and much more.

Skeptics will say that more affordable smartwatches, for example, Mi Band 4, are capable of this. But Amazfit GTS can do even more. They are equipped with a GPS / GLONASS module, a pressure sensor and a magnetic sensor, which allows you to use them as a compass, determine altitude and atmospheric pressure.

This watch is also able to track and memorize the route of movement, automatically adjust the display lighting. The latter is especially true in the summer, when there are many sunny days.

The screen of the gadget has a 1.65-inch dimension. This is enough to make sure you don't miss on a regular basis while working with small interface details.


HLS lovers will appreciate the presence of 12 types of workouts in the watch program. One of them involves swimming. The watch is not afraid of diving to a depth of 50 m, so fans of this sport need not be afraid for them.

The device in the process of training determines the number of calories burned, stimulates various rewards and points to sports achievements.

Management and autonomy

Amazfit GTS is equipped with one button, which is placed on the body. It helps to turn the watch on / off and return it to watch face mode. The program allows you to individually set the action for a long press. This can be the display of notifications, weather or any other information.

All other controls are based on swiping and clicking on screen icons.

Some of the settings can be done by using the Amazfit app on a smartphone. With the help of the program, you can, for example, select some Applications that will be displayed on the screen regularly.


Huami Amazfit GTS are able to work autonomously for a long time. With their active use (every minute heart rate measurement, displaying notifications and messages on the screen, turning on the display when raising hands, etc.), no more than 10-15% of the total battery capacity is consumed per day.

In all other cases, the power consumption is even less. On average, one battery charge is enough for a week of work. To replenish it, there is an 18 W charger. It takes just over two hours depending on the outlet to achieve 100% result.


The Huami Amazfit GTS smartwatch has a closed operating system that does not allow the installation of additional applications. This is a tiny minus of the product, which has much more pluses. It is equipped with a large number of sensors that allow you to control a lot of indicators and parameters, conduct training under control.

The gadget is equipped with a stylish design, high-quality assembly and a capacious battery. It will suit any user, regardless of gender, lifestyle and status.

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