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Features of some models of smart watches from different manufacturers


Many electronic product manufacturers have several models of wearable gadgets in their assortment. Smart watches are among the most popular among them. There are several reasons for this. In addition to their direct use, these products are used to inform the user in many ways. He can find out data about his state of health, degree of physical activity, sleep quality, etc. Moreover, each developer tries to put something new and unusual into his device. In this review, we will tell you about the features of the equipment of some models of smart watches.

Reissue of a famous gadget from Motorola

Five years ago, Motorola released the original Moto 360 smartwatch, which was a success in the market. Recently, the marketers of this enterprise decided to try to repeat the success and recommended a re-release of the line of these products with new filling.


The new models are equipped with waterproof cases, round OLED displays with a diameter of 1.2 inches. They have a resolution of 390x390 pixels. The screens are covered with Gorilla Glass 3 tempered glass.

The core of the hardware is a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. Modules and protocols are supported Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi, NFC and GPS / GLONASS / Beidou / Galileo. The watch batteries are equipped with a capacity of 355 mAh and need only one hour to fully restore their charge.

Google's Wear OS is used as the operating system. The devices support work with Maps, Google Keep Notes, Gmail, Google Assistant, Google Pay and other applications.

Motorola's Moto 360 (2019) will begin shipping in December for $ 349.99 US. You can pre-order now.

Huami has started selling its smartwatches in USA

At the end of this summer, Huami introduced the Amazfit GTS smartwatch. Recently, their sales began in our country.

This device received a large color screen, long battery life. It is also not afraid of diving into water to a depth of 50 m.

The watch has a 1.65-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 442x348 pixels and a density of 341 ppi.


Gorilla Glass 3 is used to protect against damage. All dials here are customizable, the user can get the widget he likes with the display of the functions they need.

The gadget is equipped with a Huami Bio Tracker sensor, which allows you to regularly monitor your heart rate. In case of deviation from the norm, a notification will be issued immediately.

In addition, the watch is equipped with functionality that controls the health and physical activity of the user. It helps you keep track of your calorie intake, exercise level, and more.

Also Amazfit GTS is equipped with 12 sports modes. These include running, cycling, climbing, swimming and more. Based on the results of each session, you can clarify a lot of useful data that allows you to have good health.

The autonomy of the watch is equal to 10 days of continuous operation. Their cost is 9,990 rubles.

Mi Watch Features

On November 5, the presentation of the smart watch Mi Watch from Xiaomi will take place. Their work will be provided by the new firmware MIUI for Watch, which was recently presented.

Recently, the manufacturer, to warm up interest in the product, revealed some of its features. For this purpose, several teasers have been posted on the network that tell about some applications. The new product of the company will be equipped with them.


From the published data, it became clear that the watch will receive a black case and bracelets in blue and gray. Among their features is the presence of a special system for quick text input, the application "Radio". There is also a proprietary music player, the ability to monitor the value of stocks and exchange rates.

In addition, there are programs that control physical activity, training processes. There are also a number of apps for travelers.

How Apple Watch Saved a Man

The advanced Apple Watch Series 4 has a number of cool features. One of them is the recognition of the fall of the owner of the device. If the accelerometer installed in the watch detects a sharp blow, then, after a while, the smart gadget sends a message to the emergency services.

Recently, this functionality made it possible to save the life of a person who fell off a cliff and broke his spine. The fact is that the climber wore an Apple Watch Series 4. They recorded a fall. Due to the fact that the user remained lying motionless, the device reported this to the rescuers.


He was soon found and taken to the hospital, where he received urgent medical attention.

Previously, smartwatches helped in a similar way to a woman who had an epileptic seizure and a man who fell off a bicycle.

It should be noted that the peculiarity of the function that determines the fall is that for users over a certain age, it turns on automatically. Younger owners of the gadget, if desired, can also use it by enabling it.

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