Insider # 10.12: Galaxy Tab S6 5G; Lenovo Legion; Huami T-Rex; realme X50 (Topic)

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Insider # 10.12: Galaxy Tab S6 5G; Lenovo Legion; Huami T-Rex; realme X50


The next release of inside information will be devoted to several devices from different manufacturers, the announcement of which is yet to come. First, let's talk about the design of Samsung's flagship tablet. Then we will discuss the prospects for the emergence of a new line of Huami T-Rex gadgets and the upcoming debut of the Lenovo Legion smartphone. At the end of the review, we will acquaint readers with information about the realme X50 device.

Galaxy Tab S6 5G will get a dual camera and stylus

Unidentified insider experts have posted several images of the yet-to-be-unveiled Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 5G flagship tablet. They are not of the best quality, but they still allow us to consider the main nuances of the model.


If you believe this data, the new product of the Korean company will receive support for a plug-in keyboard. It is now clear that the hallmark of the latter will be the presence of a large area touchpad.

One of the renders shows that the main camera of the gadget is equipped with two lenses. Also on the back panel of the Galaxy Tab S6 5G, a stylus will be placed, which will make the work of this device more interesting and functional. True, it is not yet clear whether the pen will be bundled with the tablet or whether users will have to buy it separately.

If you carefully examine the front panel of the novelty, you will notice the lack of a selfie camera. This is suggestive and controversial among experts and ordinary fans of the brand.


Some of them may assume that there is a design mistake, which is quite likely at this stage of the development of the device. But it's also possible the Galaxy Tab S6 5G will have a sub-screen camera.

At the moment, nothing is known about the technical characteristics of the product. All disputes will stop immediately after they appear. You just need to wait a little.

When the device will be announced and how much it will cost, it has not yet been announced.

Lenovo will release a gaming smartphone next year

Lenovo is known to USA users, for the most part, as a manufacturer of laptops. Few people have heard about other mobile devices of this developer.

Recently, information appeared on the Internet shedding light on the yet unannounced gaming smartphone from Lenovo Legion. It is known that before that this line was represented by several laptops, personal computers and accessories to them.


Due to the need to promote the new series, a company page has appeared on the Chinese social network Weibo, in which data about the new product is periodically published. Nothing is known about the exact specifications of the Lenovo Legion yet. Everything is limited to advertising messages only.

Insiders suggest that this smartphone will be based on the advanced Snapdragon 865 processor. They also predict that it has a powerful cooling system, the appearance of which is typical for many recent gaming devices.

There is currently no information about the release date of the device. It is expected to be shown in 2020.

The market for gaming devices is growing steadily, but in this segment, ordinary well-equipped smartphones are actively competing with it. Many of their flagship models support gaming functionality based on powerful processors with large amounts of RAM and ROM.

It is also important that there are some other nuances that are typical for the implementation of the gameplay. Almost every electronics manufacturer has such models.

January 1st, 2020 Huami Announces T-Rex Gadgets Lineup

Many users know the Amazfit wearable electronics brand under which Huami releases its products.

Recently it was reported that a new series of T-Rex devices will be released on January 1, 2020.


Nothing is known about the range of products in this line. Prior to that, Huami CEO Huang Won told reporters that they will definitely show new TWS headphones and some other products from the fresh category.

He briefly described the headphones, saying that they will have unusual equipment. It will include heart rate sensors. According to the developers, such functionality is needed for those who listen to music while playing sports. They will also receive an active noise cancellation system.

What else to expect from the new T-Rex series, the president did not say.

New teaser revealed some features of realme X50

An event will take place on January 7, 2020, during which the realme X50 smartphone will be presented. Shortly before the start of this event, a poster of the novelty was posted on the network. It was shared by an employee of the manufacturer, who wished to remain anonymous.


Now it became clear that the main camera of the device will consist of four lenses, which are oriented vertically.

You can also notice that there is no fingerprint scanner on the back cover. It is expected to be placed on the side of the device. This is indirectly confirmed by another X50 snapshot that recently appeared on the Internet.

Before that, there were leaks, according to which the device will be equipped with an eight-core Snapdragon 765G processor, a 6.44-inch AMOLED display and camera sensors with a resolution of 60 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP. It is also predicted to have a 4500 mAh battery with support for VOOC 4.0 Flash Charge fast charging technology.

How much the device will cost is not reported.

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