Insider # 5.07: Samsung Galaxy A50s, Samsung Galaxy A100, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung Galaxy Note10 (Topic)

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Insider # 5.07: Samsung Galaxy A50s, Samsung Galaxy A100, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Samsung Galaxy Note10


This latest Insider will be entirely dedicated to Samsung products. Let's talk about testing the Galaxy A50s in Geekbench, the design nuances of the Galaxy A100, updating the line of flagship tablets. In conclusion, let's discuss the innovations that are expected in the Galaxy Note10.

Geekbench test data has appeared

Testing data for device with code SM-A507FN has appeared in Geekbench database. Experts believe that we are talking about a new model of the Korean manufacturer Samsung Galaxy A50s.

It is found to be equipped with an Exynos 9610 processor and 4GB of RAM. The device runs on Android 9 Pie, which is pre-installed by the manufacturer.

In terms of its technical characteristics, this device is very similar to the Galaxy A50. Even the test results are the same.


In multi-core testing mode, the gadget scored 5434 points, and in single-core mode - 1,676 points . The company has not yet commented on this message, there is no information about changes in the A50 specifications.


Insiders believe that the Galaxy A50s will receive 64GB of internal storage. They also predict the presence of new body colors and some changes in the configurations of cameras and sensors. It is not yet clear when users learn about all the details of the product's equipment.

Samsung will develop the first completely bezel-less phone

For a long time, users have been waiting for smartphone manufacturers to create a device that would have no frames at all, and the front panel area was 100%.

However, so far we are only talking about the development of concepts in this direction.

Employees of the LetsGoDigital edition have analyzed a number of well-known Samsung patents and concluded that such a device has been developed. They even presented his renders.


The smartphone bears the name Galaxy A100, and it is predicted that it will be the first gadget in the world to be completely frameless. It is also known that the product will be equipped with a Full Screen 2.0 display. The physical buttons will disappear, and the front camera and fingerprint scanner will be hidden in the screen.

Experts point out that all these are only assumptions and renders created on their basis. It is highly likely that such a device will be the flagship Galaxy S11 or later developments of the Korean manufacturer. It will definitely not happen this year, but very soon.

Samsung is preparing an update to its flagship tablet line

The new flagship of the Galaxy Tab S line of tablets is coming soon. The device will be called the Galaxy Tab S6. It is predicted to debut in two versions: the SM-T860 with Wi-Fi and the SM-T865 with an LTE modem.

The date of the announcement has not yet been set, but there is already information about its hardware stuffing. This became possible thanks to testing the product in the middle of spring this year with Geekbench.

All the hardware of the gadget will be run by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, which was provided with 6 GB of RAM and the pre-installed Android 9 Pie operating system.


In addition, we know about the amount of internal storage, which is equal to 128 GB.

An AMOLED screen will be placed on the front of the tablet, the size of which is 10.5 inches diagonally. Nothing is known about its other parameters and resolution. It has only been established that the novelty will definitely not have thin frames.

Some Galaxy Note 10 data has become known

On August 7, the Galaxy Unpacked conference will take place, at which the Galaxy Note 10 is planned to be announced. Some of the nuances of the Note10 and Note10 + models became known long before that. In particular, this applies to the external data of the devices.


Yesterday we received a message from an unnamed insider source that OneUI will receive the new Samsung Email Plus app. As with Gmail Android, it will support auto-suggestion features. All events from letters, due to integration into the system, will be able to automatically synchronize with other applications and wearable devices.


There is also data regarding the main camera of the gadget. It will be equipped with the Super Steady program, one of the modes of which allows you to photograph a fast moving subject. In this case, the image quality will be high.

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