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Google encourages programmers to learn AI in a new program


Engineers and programmers involved in the development and research of computer neural networks have made great strides in the field of artificial intelligence. Today, the achievements of AI developers are considered almost the main technological breakthrough in history.

Many manufacturers of electronic devices are developing this technology behind closed walls, but the specialists of the search giant Google have taken a different path.

Over the years, the company has been creating successful projects and technologies; we use many of its developments today. Now she invites everyone to attend educational courses on neural network development on the new Google AI resource.

Google AI

The site offers a set of lessons. First of all, they are aimed at understanding the principles of building neural networks and AI. Apparently, this is just the beginning, in the future the platform will expand and attract new specialists.

So far, several materials are available for review on the site pages:

  • cloud lessons on tensor processing;
  • open source TensorFlow library;
  • cloud machine learning project;
  • Kaggle community for sharing code with other developers.

The last material is a branch on teaching artificial intelligence, where you can not only learn new things, but also take part in competitions on this topic.

From the list of materials presented, each registered person has access to the MLCC - Machine Learning Crash Course section of machine learning for free: lessons are training videos and interactive exercises. Everything is designed so that any newbie who has never dealt with machine learning can successfully master it, and it will be easier for Google employees to track user progress.

What is the course?

The course consists of 40 exercises, including lectures by Google experts themselves, and is designed for 15 hours. It is assumed that after its completion, the participants will be able to understand mathematical equations and gain new knowledge in programming, in particular in the Python language. The company has high hopes for the development of the project; in the near future the resource will be replenished with educational content.

Tens of thousands of users have already registered on Google AI. If you are a programmer eager to learn the work of a neural network, it is definitely worth a look. Google will help you as always!

The Topic of Article: Google encourages programmers to learn AI in a new program.
Author: Jake Pinkman