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Xiaomi has released an adapted browser for budget smartphones


Xiaomi has developed a lightweight mobile browser called Mint, which is part of the MIUI firmware. A simplified version of the browser was specially created for not the most powerful smartphones that have a small amount of memory at their disposal. Xiaomi Mint is designed specifically for the Android system present in Xiaomi smartphones and on the basis of which many of the company's services operate.

The Chinese brand calls the new Xiaomi browser "the second Tor", emphasizing that the lightweight Mint provides privacy and anonymity on the network with the maximum number of options. In the official announcement, the company also mentions the benefits of using the browser, which acts as a security tool, skillfully bypassing malicious links, advertising banners and viral sites.

The new Xiaomi branded web browser is really light in weight and takes up 10MB. This is almost 8 times less than, for example, mobile Microsoft Edge. Mint is suitable for all Android devices starting from version 4.4.


Details of the external performance of Mint tacitly indicate its "budget" specifics and adaptation to inexpensive smartphones. The browser design continues the line that can be traced in all the latest versions of the MIUI shell - the absence of sharp corners and minimalism.

The developers acted on the principle of "nothing more" and tried to add only important tools to Mint Browser. For voice search, there is a special icon with a microphone at the bottom of the start page. In the same place, at the top of the page, you can find icons for Google services, including the search bar, as well as access labels to the official Xiaomi portal and other sites.

The new Mint browser supports multitasking tabs that can be controlled with Swype gestures. For comfortable browsing, the web browser supports Dark Mode. To activate it, just click on the moon icon. Mint Browser also supports Reading and Incognito modes.

To conserve mobile traffic, browser save mode restricts images from loading. However, some functions in Mint are still missing - among the available search engines only Google and Yahoo, there is also no tool for disabling ads. The free browser is available in the proprietary Google Play service.

The Topic of Article: Xiaomi has released an adapted browser for budget smartphones.
Author: Jake Pinkman