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Obscenity by Alexa and Xiaomi Browser


The software of various gadgets is regularly updated with various applications and add-ons. Among them there are all sorts: voice assistants, search engines, browsers, etc. They work for a person, they learn from a person. And everything. Sometimes this leads to unpleasant consequences. This happened with the voice assistant Alexa. Read more in the overview about this assistant. In parallel, we will get acquainted with an interesting application from Xiaomi.

A kind of assistant

Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, thanks to the efforts of programmers, has almost reached the top of its development. It is conceived for the most natural communication with a person, it even understands jokes and sarcasm.

However, there are some alarming facts. An unnamed source of information reports that the program advised a child to kill his adoptive parents. Worse, this is not the only case. It became known how the voice assistant used to discuss the intimate life of people, the conduct and quality of sexual intercourse. It once revealed confidential user data.


Strange, but Amazon experts refuse to take part in the discussion of the behavior of their brainchild. True, they are actively working to eliminate the reasons for such a reaction from Alexa. This is not surprising, since this program is one of the most popular.

Why is this happening

Experts believe that the main reason lies in the learning process of the program. It happens like a machine. The developer's programmers have not yet come up with anything better.

In the process of self-improvement, this functionality processes a large amount of information by passing it through its files. There are a lot of sources of information. Alexa tries to learn the basics of human behavior, his speech.

When she is asked about basic things, for example, “turn on the Beatles”, then everything goes flawlessly. However, this is not enough for developers. They try to push the boundaries of the learning curve.


Recently, it was found that the voice assistant is good at keeping up conversations if allowed to read the comments on the Reddit forum. Here a side effect emerged. He became rude in communication. This happened due to the fact that the visitors of this portal do not have good behavior, they often do not choose expressions in the chat. The creators of the program are trying to keep her from visiting such places on the Internet, but the bot perfectly assimilates any information.

At the moment, thanks to the efforts of Amazon specialists, tools are being created to filter any information and prevent profanity. A number of special programs monitor requests and analyze data from bots that "misbehave". In the future, they will be blocked.

In fact, you shouldn't blame the developer for Alexa's behavior. For the most part, the users themselves are to blame for the above. Amazon did not put bad words into the Internet databases. People do it themselves. Simple communication with a voice assistant is not enough for them. They want something unusual. Therefore, the business of combating profanity on the Internet is our common business.

App by Xiaomi

A good application for an Android smartphone was developed by specialists from the Chinese company Xiaomi. It is lightweight, fast and stable. Mint Browser only needs 11 MB of free space on your smartphone's memory. Therefore, it will fit almost any gadget. This is especially true for budget models. They are the majority among the total number of devices manufactured by Xiaomi. Therefore, it was this company that offered a similar program.


You can download the application via Google Play. The main thing is not to confuse, as there is another application called Mint.

Anyone can compare Xiaomi's Mint Browser with its counterpart, such as Chrome.

The main page of the Chinese developer app has a Google search bar with various shortcuts.


The microphone icon located at the bottom of the browser provides speech recognition for the search engine.

This application works dynamically, in speed it is not inferior to Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Mint Browser supports reading and incognito modes. You can check the PC version of the website by going to settings.

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Author: Jake Pinkman