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A large-scale update of Google Assistant has been released


Google has announced the release of an updated version of its voice assistant. Along with the expansion of the existing functions, the digital Google assistant for iOS and Android systems has been supplemented with fundamentally new options.

The Google Assistant first debuted in 2016. In mid-2018, the voice Assistant officially began to support the USA language, and now USA has entered the top five countries where the use of the Google service is most active.

The duties of a digital assistant, in addition to the main function of processing search queries, include a wide range of daily user activities. Google Assistant reminds you of scheduled events, sends messages, makes calls and listens to music, monitors news, finds the places you need, translates texts and makes routes. The Google Assistant is now present on a billion devices worldwide.

The current update includes six basic innovations. The service has received a modified voice tool, the voice acting of which is even closer to a real voice. Also, the assistant from Google in the USA version now knows many homographs (that is, words that are spelled the same, but can have different stress and, depending on this, have different meanings) and can distinguish them in the text.

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The list of active applications integrated with Google Assistant has been seriously updated. Among them, there are now financial services, audio programs, applications with content for children, educational, insurance applications and many others. In addition, professionals can use built-in templates to complement Google Assistant with their own developments.

An innovation of the service is the addition of the option to send voice messages using WhatsApp and Viber. Also, among the most important updates, the ability to carry out financial transactions, payments, and online purchases has been added.

The released update supplemented Google Assistant with four more sound options, divided in pairs into male and female playback. Also, the assistant received a modified interface with a large number of visual additions, enlarged cards and streamlining of requests. The assistant also learned how to read the hockey, say compliments and make an excursion into history, telling about significant events of a particular day.

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