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New Google Assistant device now available


Lenovo has launched a new device on the US market that belongs to the class of "smart screens". The functions of the new item are somewhat similar to a smart column, where there is a built-in smart assistant from Google.

However, in addition to them, Smart Display also visually displays data. You can display YouTube videos, Duo video calls, smart home control tools.

Declared functionality

Outwardly, a device with a diagonal of 8 or 10 inches is somewhat reminiscent of a tablet. The device is equipped with a front camera and speakers. At the same time, smart screens have more features than, for example, the Google Home column. The Google Assistant inside the smart screen can not only read information, but also show it, as well as display upcoming routes, visualize pictures with appointments and tasks.

The device can display conversations from Google Duo video chat, pictures from home security cameras, photos and other images in a convenient format. At the same time, there is no need to interact with the screen: the built-in Google Assistant can turn pages itself. The screen can be positioned both vertically and horizontally.

Lenovo smart screen is available in two configurations: with an 8 "HD display and a Full HD display (10"). The device has a 5MP front camera, 10W speakers. The internal structure is similar to the assembly of a budget smartphone: a Qualcomm chipset of the Snapdragon 624 Home Hub type, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 technologies, the amount of RAM and internal storage is 2 and 4 GB, respectively.

Opinions of IT experts

Valentina Palladino, editor of the IT platform Ars Technica, found both positive aspects of the new product and disadvantages. In her opinion, the smart screen makes it easier to watch videos and communicate via video calls when hands are busy, for example, while in the kitchen.

Also, among the advantages, the editor includes an unusual design of the device in the style of minimalism and a loud sound from the speakers. Among the shortcomings, Palladino highlights the limited toolkit of the built-in Google Assistant commands, the inaccessibility of his YouTube subscriptions and the inability to exchange messages. Also, the new Lenovo does not have the Continued Conversation technology, with which you can start a conversation on a smartphone, and then transfer its continuation to a smart screen.

Dieter Bon, editor of another publication - The Verge, on the contrary, noted the poor quality of the speakers. His description of the device boils down to the fact that Lenovo's smart display fits well with the search engine, but at the same time, the device is tied to Google tools. In his opinion, the device is suitable for users who store a large amount of their data in Google services.

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