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Pixel Slate and more from Google


Google specialists presented the Pixel Slate tablet and some other technical innovations.

This product has garnered general attention as the last similar model was the Pixel C tablet, which was announced in 2015. The new device runs on the Chrome OS platform and has the ability to run Android applications.


More about the device

Google is positioning its new product as a premium device. The tablet display has a resolution of 3000 x 2000 pixels and supports up to 16 MB of RAM. It also has a fingerprint scanner and access to work with an additional keyboard.

The operating system Chrome OS has undergone a number of additions and changes, it has become more perfect. The taskbar has been redesigned, a split screen mode has been added, and performance has been improved.

After analyzing all the changes, Google experts found it possible to launch Pixel Slate based on Chrome OS. It will have the performance of a PC.

Many believe that this is how the company responded to its competitor Microsoft, which launched the Surface Pro. Both of these devices can be used as a tablet or laptop with a removable keyboard. In addition, it is possible to install more powerful processors, from Celeron 3965Y to Core i7-8500Y.

The Pixel Slate comes with stereo front speakers, an 8MP front camera, another portrait camera, and software that lets you blur the background.

In addition, there is a USB-C port, stylus. The latter, using Wacom AES technology, allows you to record or draw with greater precision.

To protect personal data, the tablet is equipped with Titan Security. This is the company's own development.

Pixel Slate allows you to run Android applications in a touch environment and the full version of the Chrome browser. It will allow you to access all settings and extensions.

What else

In addition, a new Pixel Stand was presented - the original type of charging for smartphones of the Pixel 3 series.


It is wireless and can do more than just charge. The Pixel 3 sits on a stand when charging, allowing it to be used as a smart display. In this case, the use of voice commands is allowed. The possibility of controlling smart gadgets using this combination is not excluded.

Pixel Stand turns a charging smartphone into an additional device. Its geometric parameters are 142 x 104 x 92 mm, the material of manufacture is polycarbonate. It comes with an 18W USB power adapter, 1.5m cable.

The device can work as an alarm clock. 15 minutes before getting up, it will light up the smartphone screen, and then sound and light signals will begin to arrive, until the beginning of full wakefulness.

Google Home Hub

Another product from Google Home Hub provides more opportunities. In fact, it is a smart speaker with a display.


This display has new features, but it does not support video calling. There are two microphones, no camera. This is believed to be done for the sake of confidentiality.

Video playback capability allows you to use your new device for parental control. It will not allow the launch of restricted content. You can also check the weather, order a recipe, or get directions for your next trip.

There is a new Home View feature in the Home Hub. This is a program that is endowed with the ability to access information, including of a secret nature. You can find out about the degree of light in the house, temperature, air pressure. Or access his security system.

With Ambient EQ, the device will independently adjust the brightness and contrast of the display colors.

Google Home Hub has a 7-inch touchscreen display, two microphones, a light sensor, a speaker, supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5. Its dimensions are 178.5 x 118 x 67.3 mm.

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