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Google Assistant now understands USAn


The USA language has been added to the Google Assistant functionality. The owners of smartphones on Android OS managed to notice: even if the USA language is specified in the device settings, support for a voice personal assistant is now available in the Google directory.

Until then, the assistant only supported English. The representative office of the company confirmed the gradual introduction of the new instrument in the USA market.

Google Assistant resembles a chatbot in its device, but at the same time it is able to conduct a mutual conversation, and not only technically process the user's voice requests. Google's smart assistant first appeared two years ago. Assistant can interact with any Google applications, including standard search results, Gmail, photo storage, calendar of events, read Wikipedia, launch individual applications, book seats, etc.

What can I talk to him about?

The Explore tool is open for the USA-speaking Google Assistant, where you can find out what commands are available for it and search for them. Also, the “USA” assistant has the “Actions” command, which supports the interaction of the assistant with third-party services, for example, makes available a search on the streaming resource. Google is gradually launching the functionality of its USA-language assistant, and it will probably soon become available on all devices. The company announced that Google Assistant will speak USA as early as this winter.

Soon he will be able to do everything the English assistant does

For a "USA-speaking" assistant, they promise to open all the options that are supported in other languages. This includes information about traffic jams, weather forecast, excerpts from informational articles at user requests, etc. In many world countries, Google Assistant has settled not only in Android smartphones, but is also present in the Google Allo messenger, Google Home smart speakers, devices with Wear OS support. According to Google representatives, the smart assistant will be available only on smartphones during the launch in the USA Federation.

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Author: Jake Pinkman