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Perfect Shazam or Spy in Your Pocket


It happens that when you hear a song, you immediately want to find it and add it to yourself. This is usually where the Shazam app helps most of us. Google seems to have taken the Shazam idea to incredible heights.

If Shazam is so popular, why not build a similar feature right into a smart assistant, Google thought.

Smartphones that listen to you

Shown in early October, Google Pixel 2 smartphones are able to recognize any sounds around the phone, in passive mode.

Yes, yes, your phone always listens to what is happening around. It doesn't seem safe at all and should use up all the charge, but it's not that bad.

Initially, this function was not developed for listening to music, but so that your phone could even execute your commands from the lock screen. Later, in addition to recognizing your voice, recognition of melodies was added.

How song recognition works

Google Pixel 2 uses a self-learning neural network to recognize melodies, into which hundreds of thousands of patterns of musical compositions are loaded. T

So you don't have to worry that the phone will hear the wrong thing. Search data is sent only if the neural network detects that music is playing.

The word self-learning is pretty scary here. So it's just a stone's throw away

Battery drain

This function almost does not use up the battery, so you will not feel a loss in performance.

The bottom line

Google used the idea of Shazam and made the perfect service for finding music around you for its new Pixel 2 smartphones. After all, to find out what is playing nearby, you just need to look at the smartphone screen without even unlocking it.

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Author: Jake Pinkman