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Marshall Stanmore II Voice: loud sound system with voice assistant


Many fans of good sound in search of a decent device turn their eyes to products from Apple or Google. But there are decent gadgets among the products of less famous brands. Today we will tell you about one of them, which was produced by engineers at Marshall, an enterprise specializing in such developments.

Features, design

The Marshall Stanmore II Voice smart speaker is equipped with one 50W subwoofer and two 15W each. It operates in the frequency range from 50 to 20,000 Hz with a maximum sound level of 101 dB. For wireless communication, the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol with Qualcomm aptX is provided here.


The system's power is 80 W, its weight is 4.65 kg, and its dimensions are 350 ? 195 ? 185 mm.

When developing the body of the product, the company's specialists used a retro style. The body of the speaker resembles a guitar amplifier, completely repeating the appearance of most professional audio devices from Marshall.


Analog switches equipped with backlight are used to control the gadget. They can be twisted, nothing touch is provided here. With the help of the voice assistant Alexa, you can almost completely customize the sound to suit your needs. For those who love bass, just turn the big knob.

In addition, you can adjust the high, low frequencies, adjust the sound volume. There is also a button to switch from WI-FI to Bluetooth, as well as a 3.5mm input for Aux.

The device has a solid size and five kilograms of weight. Therefore, a normal site is needed to place it.

Sound quality and connectivity

The rather large dimensions of the speaker are due to the presence of a 50-watt class D amplifier for the subwoofer and two 15-watt amplifiers, the frequencies of which are reflected in the cabinet.

If the device is turned on at full power in a small apartment, then the sound will be loud enough, which may even block your ears. Don't just turn the volume at full power, as the sound may be distorted.


It would be optimal to use a level of 3 4 of the maximum sound. Then you get quite distinguishable vocals with sweet and sharp bass. One user especially appreciated the floating guitar parts, which elegantly convey all emotions and portray them beautifully.

The mids and highs in the Marshall Stanmore II Voice are bright and accurate with a rich overall tone. The audio system can be installed in any room, the presence of a sufficient number of settings will optimize its sound anywhere. Moreover, it is really possible to make changes to the settings on the go, while listening to each song. This can be done manually or by commands given to the voice assistant.


The design of the device is universal, it will suit most interiors. There is no catchiness in it, but there is no fading either. Everything is optimally selected.

The column is equipped with various ports and has several connection methods. The manufacturer has placed an RCA input on the back, and on the top panel there is a mini-jack connector. To ensure wireless contact, there is Bluetooth 5.0 with Qualcomm aptX support.

There is also a built-in Wi-Fi module, only Ethernet and USB ports are missing.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

The gadget received several large-range microphones, so there is no difficulty in communicating with the voice assistant. This is possible even during playback of music files and at a great distance from the speaker. To transmit a command, you need to slightly increase the volume of your voice. Immediately, the music will sound more muted, and Alexa will be ready to take any command.


The developers claim that the radius of communication with Stanmore II Voice is quite large, but users in their reviews claim that contact with the device disappears if you go to another room. Of course there are different rooms, but overall this is normal.

The manufacturer has provided voice control of the device so far only with the help of Amazon Alexa. However, according to him, in the very near future it will be possible to control the operation of the audio system through Google Assistant. For this, a special version of it is created.

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