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Products for music lovers presented at the Hi-Fi & Hi-End Show 2019 in Moscow


Two days ago, the Hi-Fi & Hi-End Show 2019, which took place in the capital of USA. Many new products from the world of audio devices and similar gadgets were presented there. One of the forum participants was Audio Pro.

This is a Swedish company that has been developing and manufacturing audio products for over forty years, mainly portable and stationary speakers. The engineers of this particular company have developed several unique technologies, such as Ace Bass, which allows you to create small subwoofers of significant power.

Devices from Audio Pro are currently sold in more than forty countries around the world, in USA they first appeared in the mid-90s of the last century.

Let's take a look at some of her products.

Compact Bluetooth speaker

In its modest size, the Audio Pro A10 Bluetooth speaker supports Multiroom function. This technology allows multiple speakers to be networked together to create surround sound. There is also a second option for its use, which allows the possibility of filling several rooms with music in a house or apartment.

Externally, the gadget is a cylindrical-type device trimmed with fabric. It can be in two colors: dark and light. For placement on a wall or other vertical surface, the product is equipped with a special mount. It can also be easily positioned on the floor or any other horizontal surface.

Audio Pro A10

A dedicated app has been created to control the A10 with a smartphone. You can also do this using the buttons located on the top panel of the gadget. There, four programmable buttons were provided for this. In any of them, you can really put a radio station or your playlist for further playback.

The main technical characteristics of the column are:

- reproducible frequency range: from 55 to 20,000 Hz;

- dimensions: 140 x 140 x 193 mm;

- the presence of speaker-emitters: three pieces, dimensions 32 mm, 76 mm, 114 mm;

- Bluetooth version: 4.0.

Stationary column

Advanced stationary device Audio Pro A40 has two full-range BMR speakers, two woofers and two passive radiators. This stationary speaker, like the previous product, has received the Multiroom program for demanding music lovers who want to fill all the rooms of their home with music.

All controls are located on the top panel. There, in addition to the standard set, there are five buttons for individual settings. Really choose the radio stations you need or create your own playlists in order to play them in the future in the prescribed order.

Audio Pro A40

An additional bonus is the ability to control this gadget using a mobile device. That is, you can play music downloaded to your smartphone.

The stationary speaker is equipped with two panels of two colors: light and dark. The user can choose any of them to their liking.

The product has dimensions of 152 x 390 x 285 mm, operates in the frequency range from 35 to 20,000 Hz, has three pairs of speakers in reserve. In each of the pairs, the speakers received dimensions of 51, 102 and 161 mm. For work, version Bluetooth 5.0 is used.

Stereo Audio Pro Drumfire

The Audio Pro Drumfire is an all-in-one stereo system. It is suitable for connecting a player, music server or streaming service. The gadget has five speakers and a D-SUB subwoofer with a total power of 300 watts. Interestingly, the speaker has an aluminum casing that is hand-trimmed with artificial leather. According to the corporate tradition, this device is also equipped with Multiroom functionality and can be controlled via a mobile application.

Audio Pro Drumfire

Machine characteristics:

- dimensions: 190 x 365 x 155 mm - column, 190 x 365 x 500 mm - subwoofer;

- frequency range: 45 to 22,000 Hz (speaker), 30 to 120 Hz (subwoofer);

- radiators: two dynamic diameters of 25 mm, two dynamic diameters of 114 mm and one dynamic diameter of 203 mm (subwoofer);

- Bluetooth version: 4.0.

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Author: Jake Pinkman