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New items from LG, announced at the annual conference in Moscow


LG Electronics conference is held in the capital of our country every year. The main purpose of this forum is to present the company's new products. This year the event fell on April 19.

During the conference, representatives of the company showed the USAs many of their developments in various industries. However, the main highlight of this event was the demonstration of the LG ThinQ AI “Smart Home” system. Its essence is that through a Wi-Fi connection, it integrates all devices produced by this enterprise.

The leading role in the system operation is played by the TV based on Smart ThinQ AI. It acts as a single user interface that consolidates all the smart devices in your home or apartment.


The signing of a memorandum on strategic cooperation between LG Electronics and Yandex was a landmark event. It implies joint activities in the development of artificial intelligence. Both companies in USA will be engaged in the development of various services for devices developed in South Korea.

Among the novelties on display, it is worth highlighting the company's refrigerators equipped with the DoorCooling + technology, thanks to which a uniform supply of cold air from the upper part of the apparatus is carried out. This leads to faster cooling of the entire inner surface of the refrigerator. The manufacturer claims that this process is 32% more efficient than previous counterparts.

USA buyers should like AI DD washing machines, LG Styler steam systems, which allow you to take care of things with steam.

There was also a demonstration of the operation of the wireless vertical vacuum cleaner LG CordZero A9. He received a nozzle for wet cleaning and an automatic dust pressing system.

Of particular interest was the exposition, where various acoustic devices were presented. Let's talk about them in more detail.


LG's XBOOM lineup includes mini systems, compact XBOOM Go Bluetooth speakers and advanced XBOOM AI ThinQ speakers. In view of this variety, each user can choose the necessary individual configuration for himself.

The LG XBOOM OL100 model with a power output of 2000 watts aroused great interest among music lovers.


It is equipped with the proprietary Blast Horn technology, which creates low frequency pressure. At the same time, air passes through special channels, which are additional. As a result, bass is not only heard, it is felt. The system was tweaked by Meridian Audio. They are exclusive. The device includes support for the aptX HD codec, which allows you to stream high-definition audio over Bluetooth without losing quality.

Control of all processes is made possible through the DJ App mobile application. An interesting function is Karaoke Star, using which you can hide the voice of any performer of a musical piece in order to sing yourself.

SL10Y Soundbars

This model was developed with the support of Meridian Audio. It has a minimalistic design, AI support, the effect of complete presence is created. Surround sound is provided through the use of Image Elevation technology.


LG SL10Y Soundbars maintain tonal balance and improve acoustic field.

Smart column

Of particular interest was the announcement of the LG XBoom AI ThinQ WK7Y smart speaker, which is equipped with support for the Alice virtual assistant.


She has been certified by Meridian, which speaks of her high consumer qualities. This product was the first result of cooperation between Yandex and LG Electronics. With the help of "Alice" the user was able to carry out voice control over the playback of music tracks.

The virtual assistant remembers the preferences of the speaker owner and gives advice on the priority of listening to tracks, of which there are more than 35 million in the Yandex catalog. "Alice" can also keep up a conversation with a child or an adult, answer various questions, tell tales, maintain a conversation.

The smart column is controlled using several keys located on its top panel.

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