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What the manufacturers of audio devices from Britain and Japan brought to USA


Manufacturers of gadgets designed for listening to audio files showed their products at one of the exhibitions held in Moscow last week. Among them were two companies from the UK and Japan. These are Ruark Audio and Audio-Technica.

Both enterprises have been operating on the technology industry market for a long time and occupy leading positions. They presented several of their new developments to the public.

Monoblock sound system from England

The Ruark Audio MRx device is a rectangular structure, the body of which is made of wood. It is based on an aluminum stand, which allows you to orient the monoblock audio system horizontally and vertically.

The front of the device has a fabric covering, the main control is located right there. It is represented by a manipulator that adjusts the volume and switches modes of operation. The files are played using two 75 mm speakers with neodymium magnets. The output power is 20 W.

Ruark Audio MRx

The novelty works with wired (AUX, USB, Ethernet, optical input), wireless audio sources: Bluetooth (SBC, AAC, A2DP and aptX codecs), Wi-Fi DLNA. Supported formats are WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3.

In addition to the manipulator, to control playback, you can use the capabilities of a smartphone equipped with a special mobile application based on Android and iOS. It is also possible to combine several similar devices into one system.

Product R5

It is a multi-room audio system. Ruark Audio R5 has a 2.1 configuration, in which, in addition to the main two 75mm speakers, a 125mm diameter low frequency cone is added. In addition, the device received a 90 W amplifier, CD player and LED display on the front panel.

At the top of the wooden case is the proprietary RotoDial manipulator, which helps to perform management functions. The user has the ability to choose any of the wired or wireless sound sources.

Ruark Audio R5

Like the previous model, the R5 can be streamed via popular streaming services and internet radio. With the help of the Ruark Link mobile application, the issue of integrating the novelty into the home system, which may include other models of the company, is resolved.

Gadgets by Audio-Technica

A Japanese company has brought to USA ATH-ANC100BT vacuum Bluetooth headphones, which support the SBC audio codec, can be controlled with a small remote control and are attached to clothes using special clips.

The model is compact, but has a fairly wide range of reproducible frequencies (from 20 to 24000 Hz), impedance of 16 ohms and autonomy corresponding to 10 hours of continuous operation. The earbuds are also equipped with active noise canceling.


Besides, the Japanese showed two turntables AT-LPW30TK and AT-LPW40WN. Each of them has its own built-in phono stage. The devices received a minimalistic design, finished with imitation of teak or dark walnut veneer.

The structure is a platform on which an aluminum "spinner" is located, equipped with a rubber pad. It has a belt drive controlled by a sensor device and two rotation speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 rpm.


The AT-LPW30TK received a sound circuit consisting of an AT-HS4 head and an AT-VM95C phono cartridge. The latter was equipped with a moving magnet. The AT-LPW40WN is powered by an AT-VM95 cartridge with two moving magnets and a conical sharpened needle. The highlight of this model is the presence of a direct carbon fiber pickup with hydraulic damping.

The company also brought several new products. These are ATH-ANC500BT headphones with a foldable design and Quiet Point Active Noise Cancellation. In addition, they were equipped with four microphones.


The company also showed in USA the ATH-SR30BT headphones, which can work in standalone mode for a record long time - 70 hours. Music lovers may be interested in the ATH-SR50BT model, which has large speakers and supports the advanced aptX codec.

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