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How to burn. flac audio files to disc and make AudioCD. CDburnerXP program


Application text: Could you describe in detail how you can make an Audio CD with audio .flac files to preserve the maximum quality of your music? Asked - we answer!

When it first appeared on the market, Audio CDs are known to offer a way to store music in very high quality. The format for storing audio information on an Audio CD disc assumes a bitrate (quality) of sound at 1411.2 kbps! For comparison, the popular "mp3" sound format is capable of storing audio at a maximum "resolution" of 320 kbps. In order to be able to quickly transmit audio over the Internet, music began to be compressed into mp3, and not always up to 320 kbps. Very often you can find audio in this format with a quality of 120 kbps - in the author's personal opinion, it is simply impossible to listen to music in this quality.

In the last few years, with the advent of affordable flash-based audio players, interest in high-quality audio has begun to grow again. A new open audio format - FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is used to store lossless audio data. This format allows you to store audio in studio quality. By the way, quite often you can find .flac audio files in a bitrate of about 1400 kbps or more. This means we are back to audio CD quality, but without the need for bulky and unreliable CD players. A huge number of music players, cell phones, and other electronic devices now support FLAC, and the cheaper flash memory allows you to store a huge amount of audio in high quality.

In order to make an audio CD, you will need a CD (CD-R or CD-RW, which means, respectively, a single-use or rewritable CD), as well as a program for recording.

We suggest using the free CDburnerXP program for our purposes.

Download the program

You can download it from the official website of the developers at this link.

Installing the program

By running the program's installation file (" cdbxp_setup_4.3.8.2568.exe ", at the time of this writing), you can find that CDburnerXP offers to install .NET Framework ( free software shell from Microsoft, required for the program to work). If you do not have this technology installed, the CDburnerXP program will offer you to go to the site and install the latest .NET Framework. Installing the .NET Framework is very simple. You save the file, run it and then follow the instructions of the installation wizard. The installation interface is USA.

If you already have .NET Framework v2.0 or higher installed, the Installation Wizard will immediately start installing CDburnerXP. The following window will open (fig. 1):

Figure 1. Welcome from the setup wizard. Figure: 1. Welcome to the installation wizard.

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