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Why doesn't Android see my music files


It happens that after downloading music files to a smartphone, they are not displayed or not all songs are displayed. There are many different reasons why Android doesn't recognize music.

Let's take a look at the main ways to help you deal with problems and make your smartphone find and display audio files.

Restart mobile device

Sometimes you just need to restart your smartphone. This is one of the simplest solutions and very often helps to cope with the problem.

The fact is that after moving audio files to the device's memory, he simply does not know about changes in the system. After restarting the smartphone, the operating system starts scanning the memory card for new files, as a rule, they appear after that. Just do not reset the settings, they just need to be saved.

Audio file name abbreviation

Very often, the smartphone does not read sound files if the standard built-in Android player is used. In this case, it is enough to connect the phone to a personal computer and reduce the name of the musical compositions to twelve or less characters.

Alternatively, you can install any other player on your device that can recognize names longer than twelve characters, such as FolderPlayer or MortPlayer.

Deleting unnecessary file

A file with the extension .nomedia , which may automatically appear in the folder with downloaded audio files, can interfere with the playback of music tracks.

This file is intended to warn the operating system that the contents of this folder should not be indexed, so if it is, for example, in a folder with music, then music tracks may not be displayed in the gallery.

This file is often the main problem, why Android does not find music. But deleting it may lead to undesirable consequences, the entire media library may be displayed in the gallery or profile settings

Reset smartphone settings

In most cases, restarting your phone will fix the problem. However, if this does not help, you should take drastic measures - reset the settings of the smartphone itself. It usually takes about twenty minutes to reboot, but at the end of the process the error is cleared and the operating system finds the music files.

Installing new applications

Another reason why the smartphone does not play music is sometimes that the files are not in the correct format, in other words the player simply cannot read them.

There are several ways to solve the problem: install any other player that contains the required format in its functionality, or convert files into the required format using a computer.

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