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AXIS T61 helps cameras talk


Surveillance system manufacturer Axis Communications has unveiled its new AXIS T61 device to add audio and I / O functionality to its Axis network cameras, which have not been equipped with these tools.

One-stop solution

The novelty is intended for those who need to equip surveillance cameras with audio communication and data exchange system. The AXIS T61 tool allows you to reduce your Axis cameras' maintenance costs and increase their lifespan. Devices in this series are placed directly between the camera and the switch and interact using Portcast technology, which transmits sound and data between the camera and the interface via a network wire. The modifications of AXIS T6101 and AXIS T6112 due to their technical capabilities generally increase the functionality of most Axis network cameras.

Essential Stealth

Since the camera itself does not provide a mechanism for transmitting sound and other data and the device is physically located at a distance from it, the owners of surveillance systems have the opportunity to place them unnoticed. For example, a small camera is located in a hidden place, while the sound recording will take place in close proximity to the object of interest. Since the audio channel has two-way communication, you can hear everything that happens in a certain place at a distance, and if necessary, make your own adjustments, for example, warn attackers that their actions are being recorded. In the future, such devices will be equipped with audio analysis technology, which will help to identify aggressive conversations, dangerous behavior, etc.

Data I / O technology has its advantages. Thus, the input ports can be equipped with external detectors, alarm sensors or initializers, as well as alarms in case of disconnection of devices. At the exits, you can install mechanisms for turning on the light, opening and closing doors. The discreet AXIS T6112 with microphone can be wall or ceiling mounted.

Uniqueness and simplicity

Axis Communications claims that the efficiency of video surveillance systems will increase significantly thanks to the capabilities of audio communication and data I / O devices. At the same time, using the AXIS T61 tool will make the camera as versatile as possible. The unique Portcast technology, according to the manufacturer, is a convenient, simple way to take advantage of Axis cameras with the AXIS T61 device. The company plans to add this functionality to most of its cameras in the next few months.

The new development of AXIS T61 makes it possible to equip surveillance systems with audio and I / O functions only for selected individual cameras, without requiring an additional IP address or software licensing, since all together: audio and video data are sent in one stream. AXIS T61 is easy to install and works with existing video management software.

It only requires confirmation that the camera supports the Portcast function, after which it will work the same as analogs with embedded audio and data I / O.

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Author: Jake Pinkman