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Xiaomi has shared its app with all smartphones


The recently introduced Pocophone F1 smartphone from the Chinese Xiaomi has won the preferences of a large number of consumers. Many people liked its proprietary Poco Launcher graphics, which, combined with the budget price of a smartphone equipped with Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 845 chipset, made the device one of the leaders in user preferences.

The Chinese manufacturer took note of a large number of people who liked the Xiaomi firmware of the new phone. Having finalized the final version of the shell, the company made it available for free download on the Google Play platform. The firmware is compatible with almost every smartphone running on the Android mobile OS. Until recently, the shell was only available in beta mode.

Poco Launcher

The shell built into the Pocophone F1 is presented as MIUI proprietary firmware, changed towards standard Android. For this reason, it is distinguished not only by its external design, but also by a slightly different way of working with applications. Previously, Poco Launcher was an exclusive product only for Xiaomi smartphones, but now everything has changed.

According to the manufacturer, the launcher firmware provides a convenient way to manage applications, easily search for information on the phone, provide a stylish look for icons and the home screen, customize notification pictures and many other tools. The Chinese company declares full compatibility of the firmware with most of the smartphones of other world manufacturers.

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Author: Jake Pinkman