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Tor High Security Browser Now Available on Android Smartphones


The Tor Project, the creator of the eponymous browser for anonymity lovers, has introduced the Tor browser for smartphones. The stable version of Protected Browser 8.5 is first introduced for Android devices. The project team declares that the security of the protected browser is kept at the same level as for the desktop versions.

For the first time Tor browser for android, more precisely, its alpha version appeared in the fall of 2018. Since then, the developers have perfected the mobile browser, achieving the same level of security for smartphone users that Tor provided on desktop devices. In terms of options and general functionality, the desktop version of the browser is even superior to mobile Tor, but in terms of security it is equal.

The release of the new Tor browser version 8.5 received new icons, which were selected based on the results of user voting. The browser is compatible with the Firefox Photon UI, which in practice should make it easier to use. Mobile Tor for iOS devices is not yet available due to current Apple restrictions. The developers, in turn, warned users about a bug in the new browser: when you update Torah to version 8.5, the saved personal passwords and login are lost. The project team is analyzing the bug and taking steps to fix it for the next release.


The Tor system is a way to anonymously transfer information over a computer network. For Tor users, the browser gives the right to keep the incognito status and acts as protection against traffic analysis. Such opportunities brought the observer popularity not only among those who like to remain anonymous, but also among criminals. The browser was used as an application tool in the hands of traffickers of illegal goods, and a few years ago the US FBI even offered a million dollar reward to researchers at a research university for opening access to the Tor system to identify its users.

In 2016, the Tor Project developers announced work on the creation of a branded Android smartphone, which was complemented by advanced security tools. The prototype, called Mission Improbable, took as a basis a ready-made solution in the form of Google Nexus and Pixel devices, while the main changes concerned exclusively the software component.


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