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Opera Touch browser now available for iPhone


The Opera Touch mobile browser, previously released on Android devices, is now also available for iPhones.

In the accompanying release from Opera, the browser is declared as a carrier of high-tech and aesthetic features that fully coincide with the needs of Apple owners.

One-handed operation

The company announced the new Opera Touch for iPhone as the best tool for using your phone with just one hand. The declared competitor of the Safari browser will be able to interest the owners of Apple devices without the Home button, that is, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max.


For iOS devices, the released browser is equipped with a similar interface that allows you to operate the device with one hand, as the Opera Touch for Android, presented in April. Browser tools allow you to quickly start a search, view the screen in different directions, navigate through tabs, opening and closing them.

The previously released Opera Touch browser for Android devices was honored with the 2018 award for developing an interface that can provide the best solution to the problems smart phone owners face every day.

Declared functions


Opera Touch for iPhones is equipped with a number of tools that ensure its effective use, the release notes. So, among the options useful for users, declared by the developers, include:

  • quick start of search immediately after opening the browser;
  • basic browser functions are available through the performance button; the button provides access to recently visited pages, making it also easier to switch between them. This is the difference from the standard arrangement of tabs in the form of a list formed by the time of their creation;
  • the Flow tool for interacting and sharing different content (photos, notes, messages, etc.) between mobile and desktop Opera without having to use a username and password again;
  • adaptation of the browser to user requests, when a selection of interesting tabs automatically appears on the start page;
  • ad blocking with a built-in protection tool against sites that use the power of other people's devices for mining cryptocurrencies (cryptojacking).

Opera developers, seeing the Safari browser as the main mobile competitor, made a comparative analysis of the two systems. According to their report, when visually compared, the Opera Touch start page looks more modern, while adjusting to user requests, displaying not only the most visited sites, but also the most recently created tabs in the desktop browser.

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Author: Jake Pinkman