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Google Chrome celebrates its anniversary


Chrome browser celebrates its small anniversary - 10 years since its beta version. In 2008, the launch of the browser kicked off with a 39-page comic strip and an original Google message about applying new technologies to the Internet browser.

Chromium originally started production in the fall of 2008 as a raw version for Windows, the later final build appeared a couple of months later. A year later, the web browser debuted in beta on macOS and Linux devices, which was later also upgraded to a stable build.

The beginning of the "Chrome era" came at a time when users everywhere stopped using Internet Explorer, while interest in the Firefox system grew more and more.

One of the main details of the initial build of Chrome was the use of a protected virtual environment (the so-called "sandbox"), which was applied to each individual tab. This method prevented the rest of the pages from crashing when one of them hung, which generally accelerated and stabilized the browser. At the same time, the use of the V8 JavaScript engine, which the company has constantly modernized, has contributed to the growth of momentum when running heavy web applications.

Market Leader

10 years later, Chrome is firmly in the lead in Internet surfing, and in the environment of portable devices, its use is more than 60%. In fact, Google Chrome has become more than a web browser, becoming a full-fledged platform that runs on top of Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and even iOS systems. And given the fact that the Android system is firmly entrenched in the first place of the mobile market, accordingly, its built-in Chrome also takes a leading position. By the way, the first build of the browser for Android appeared in 2012.

Chrome is also the basis for its own operating platform Chrome OS (launched in 2011), used by various devices. While the system is still not fully optimized for tablets, Google is rolling out various Android apps on Chrome to reformat devices for touch.

Since its launch, the browser has not undergone major redesigns other than optimizations for touchscreens. Although in the near future the developers announced the appearance of a new interface for Chrome, created in the general universal concept of Google.

Looking ahead, the future of Chrome is more and more about its status as a full-fledged platform instead of the usual browser for surfing the web. The Chrome Blink engine is currently used by many applications and other browsers, including Opera, Steam, Samsung Internet, and more.

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Author: Jake Pinkman