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Presented Google Chrome 70 in final build


Google has released a stable build of its branded browser a month after the September beta release.

The final version of google chrome 70 contains some bug fixes and additional options based on user wishes. While refining chrome, the company focused on its security and privacy.

Security and protection of personal data

In previous builds, logging into a personal account in one of the Google services by default led to authorization in the web browser itself. In addition, chrome on the device from which the login occurred was synchronized with the personal account, downloading and saving private data. Such actions caused discontent among users.

Google went forward by adding the ability to disable default authorization in the updated Chrome 70 browser. Now, using the Allow Chrome sign-in setting to disable Chrome binding with other Google services, users can, for example, log into the Gmail mail service without saving their presence traces in the browser itself. The login indicator clearly indicates whether the user has logged in or not. By the way, the default sync mode is still active.

Google is pushing for the abolition of the HTTP protocol, calling for the use of HTTPS with improved security. To do this, the corporation uses its own browser Chrome, injecting into it (starting with build 68) the inscription "Not secure" for websites with the HTTP protocol. In the 70th version, if you enter any information on such sites, the inscription will change color to red, and the sign in front of it will become a warning instead of an informational one.

Also, for security reasons, the final version of the browser has been supplemented with restrictions on the actions of extensions. It is known that the extension is a convenient way to perform various manipulations with the content of sites. Chrome 70 users now have the ability to manually select the web resources that the browser can work with using the required extensions.

What else has been updated

An option has been added to the browser to reload several tabs at once - by pressing the Ctrl + R combination or the Reload command from the context menu. Also, on a web page opened in another tab, a button appeared to switch to the desired tab - such a tool is similar to mobile browsers. One of the most anticipated features of Google Chrome, Picture-in-Picture (PiP), now allows you to highlight the video window separately from the web page.

Google has worked on another tool - Progressive Web Apps. These are applications that operate through a web interface. PWAs have become widespread on mobile devices, but have now become popular on PCs as well. The developers of google chrome 70 paid attention to simplicity and comfort when using such applications. PWA opens through the "Start" like standard programs. And they also lack the usual browser elements, for example, tabs and the address bar.

Multimedia has also been updated. When decoding in chrome 70, the AV1 codec is now used (to replace the previous VP9). The new codec has a compression rate one third higher than its predecessor, according to its developers at the Alliance for Open Media.

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