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Google will finally clear the internet of HTTP sites in 2020


Google plans to completely block HTTP Internet protocols during 2020. The deprecation of the outdated HTTP standard will be carried out in several stages, starting with the March build of the Chrome 81 browser and up to the version of Chrome 86, which will be released in the fall. After that, it will be impossible to download any data via HTTP sites in the browser.

Google's actions are related to its desire to move to the more secure HTTPS protocol. The ban policy will directly affect not only HTTP resources that have not yet fully built their work on HTTPS. HTTPS websites that only partially switched to a new connection can also get blocked. Google advises all owners of web resources to check their compatibility with the new protocol standard in advance. Gradual blocking HTTPS cannot be considered a complete connection. This is the same HTTP site protocol in an extended format, which is more secure during the exchange of data between the user's gadget and the Internet. Additional security for HTTPS is provided by support for SSL and TLS encryption.

Gradual block

HTTP will kick off with the release of Chrome Update 81 in Spring 2020. From this time on, the browser will begin to warn about the danger of downloading files from unprotected sites. Chrome 83 Summer Update will limit downloads of executable files (.exe, .apk, etc.). Further builds of Chrome 84 and Chrome 85 will set restrictions on downloading other types of files (.pdf, .docx, etc.) and archives (.zip, .rar, .iso, etc.,). Finally, support for HTTP will end with the release of the October version of Chrome 86, where blocking will affect audio and video files, images and texts.


Google for new protocols

Google has been trying to gradually remove the Internet protocols HTTP from the network space for at least a couple of years. So, in 2018, the chrome browser version 68 began to mark HTTP sites as potentially dangerous. Warning labels began to appear in the address bar when navigating to such a site. Later, when opening HTTP pages, the browser started showing warnings in the entire window.

Google's efforts to move sites to HTTPS have yielded some results. If at the beginning of 2018 about 76% of Internet content was protected, then by the fall of 2019 this figure had grown to 90%.

In addition to the HTTP connection, the company intends to restrict the use of the even earlier FTP protocol. This standard was created back in 1971, almost 20 years before the development of the HTTP protocol. FTP initially allowed the user to work with the server: upload files there and perform other actions with them. According to Google, only 0.1% of users currently use this protocol. The company launched the gradual FTP limitation in the February build of Chrome 80, and the final removal of all parts of its code Google intends to implement in the version of Chrome 82, which will be released in April 2020.

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