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Google has released an updated version of Chrome


Google has announced the release of an updated version of Chrome 68 browser for devices running Windows, Mac and Linux. The main innovation was the change in how the browser reacts to web pages without the protection of the HTTPS protocol. A special tag has now been created for them.

What's new in Chrome

It became known that before the release of the updated Chrome, Google specialists worked on fixing more than 40 browser vulnerabilities. Desktop version 68 began to mark insecurity for all HTTP sites. In the next 69th update, Chrome will get rid of the green highlight for secure HTTPS connections, replacing it with a lock icon, and the 70th version will completely get rid of indicators for secure resources. According to the company, the transmission of information between the web page and the browser must have secure encryption in the first place, so there is no point in visually displaying this in any way.

Another security tool is also implemented in Chrome updates, which is activated to protect against unplanned malicious redirects to advertising-related web resources. Now, during an uncontrolled redirect to a malicious resource, Chrome will wait for an explicit confirmation click to complete the transition.

Additionally, an icon has appeared that allows changing the full-screen mode using the cursor, and a button for quick insertion of emoji has been added. As an experiment, the new browser is testing an extended version of the tooltips that pop up in the address bar.

Google also announced an updated browser for mobile devices - Chrome 68.0.3440.70. Chrome Mobile has gotten a revised autocomplete tool, and developers have been given the ability to control the way the tooltip appears for adding a web page to the home screen.

Secure encryption

The new version of Chrome will now mark all unencrypted websites as unsafe. The innovation has affected all pages with HTTP, upon opening which the corresponding icon will appear in the address bar. If HTTPS is present, the warning flag is not displayed.

Safe innovation, which Google mentioned back in winter, seems to be one of the ways for the search giant to ensure a high level of security while surfing the Internet. Warning indicators of this kind appeared on web pages back in 2016, focusing on information about the expiration of the security certificate. And two years earlier, the company began to engage in search engine promotion of sites with the HTTPS protocol, providing an appropriate incentive for web developers. By the way, the world search engine has spent a lot of money on research work on Internet encryption standards.

For reference. HTTPS encryption is a secure connection between the site and the user.

Web resources without this protocol turn out to be unstable to all sorts of cyber attacks and the introduction of virus programs. HTTPS certificates and protocols are widely available, often free of charge, which in itself increases the number of sites with this encryption. According to Google statistics, more than 80% of the resources opened by US users are HTTPS protected. Three years ago that figure was only 47%.

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Author: Jake Pinkman