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Mozilla introduced a mobile replacement for Firefox


Mozilla has introduced a new mobile browser, Fenix, which is positioned as a replacement for Firefox with a full set of all major functions. The beta version of the browser is freely available, with a number of features that distinguish it from the classic mobile Firefox.

Switch to Fenix

Mozilla is planning a smooth transition to the new browser. The emergence of Fenix is associated with the unpopularity of the mobile version of Firefox, whose share among other mobile counterparts is less than 1%. Mobile Firefox will gradually not receive support and major updates will be released.

The last major update for Firefox (build 68) is scheduled for July this year. After the release of version 68, "Fire Fox" for mobile devices will only be supplemented with security packages and bug fixes. The company will focus all efforts on Fenix: the new Firefox replacement will receive all the new options, while the complete end of support for mobile Mozilla Firefox is tentatively scheduled for 2020.


Key differences

Fenix is claimed to be a more stable and faster mobile solution than its predecessor. The clear differences of the new browser include a redesigned interface, a change in the tab management system and the addition of a trendy modern trend - a dark theme.

At the heart of Fenix is a faster and more modern engine. The developers have tried to make the browser more ergonomic by changing the interface and simplifying the design. For this reason, the navigation bar has settled at the bottom of the screen, which, as conceived by the creators, should simplify the use of menu items.


The company has not yet announced the timing of the stable build of Fenix. Anyone wishing to try out the new browser can get a beta version from Google Play. This requires registering as a tester and connecting with the Fenix Nightly Google community. As updates become available, all Fenix trial owners will receive them automatically. You can also manually download the new browser for Android using the APK Mirror app.

Firefox History

The Firefox desktop browser begins its history in 2002 with a public beta. Two years later, the browser got a stable version 1.0, which had grown to 66.0.5 by 2019 (fresh build from May 7, 2019). According to statistics, Firefox accounts for 10.36% of devices.


Mobile Firefox first appeared in 2010. The first beta version of the browser was codenamed Fennec. The advantages of the new product, the main competitor of which at that time was the built-in Android browser, the developers positioned support for the latest web standards and plugins, synchronization and high-speed JavaScript.

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