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Save tabs in the browser


In this article, you will learn how to keep tabs in Firefox so that when you open the browser again, the old pages remain.

The vast majority of modern browsers support saving tabs on close. This is very convenient because You can open a large number of pages at the same time, then close the browser. And the next time you open the browser, the tabs will be saved in the same sequence as before. It does not matter how long it takes from the moment you close the browser, or whether you turn off your computer, the tabs will remain in their places.

Now let's set up saving tabs using the example of Firefox 8.0 browser.

You can update Firefox on the official USA-language website

So, let's say we have three tabs open and we want them to stay in place after closing the browser (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Example of tabs in Firefox 8.0 Figure 1 Example of Tabs in Firefox 8.0

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Author: Jake Pinkman