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Top five Firefox Quantum benefits that can overcome one drawback


Firefox Quantum has become the 57th version of the legendary "Fire Fox". And for the first time, the developers decided to give the new version their own name - Quantum, which they want to show the fundamental difference between this version and the old Firefox.

The new Firefox Quantum is really faster and easier to use with improved performance and a new visual style.

Let's take a closer look at what Firefox Quantum is as good as it claims to be.

01. New visual style


The design of the familiar Firefox has not changed for a long time, which can be explained by the careful attitude of the Mozilla team to the habits of its users. So you can be sure that the developers took seriously the redesign of the browser interface.

The new visual style boasts a new cleaner, more modern, consistent interface that is optimized for touchscreens.

02. Improved browser engine

The Quantum browser engine has been completely redesigned. The new version finally has adequate support for multi-core systems. And the level of optimization and speed allows you to open faster even Google Chrome. Mozilla has even posted a video that demonstrates the increase in page load speed over Chrome.

Also, according to the developers, one of the most serious problems has been solved - the amount of memory consumed has been reduced. As a result, users have more resources to run other programs.

03. Working with tabs at the Master's level

If you love to open, but don't like to close tabs, and you have hundreds of tabs, then you will certainly love Firefox Quantum and its incredible ability to work with tabs and almost instant switching between them.

Moreover, as mentioned above, tabs will no longer consume an enormous amount of memory. As the developers assure, the browser now consumes 30% less RAM for tabs.

04. Improved video playback

One of the important innovations is the integration of the hardware video decoder AMD VP9 . It will play videos even faster and at the same time reduce the consumption of your PC's resources.

Watching videos on Firefox is finally convenient

05. Redesign of the search bar and start page

Firefox now uses a single address and search bar by default. The old elements of the address and search bar are combined into a single panel.

But, if you don't want to use a single line, you can return separate lines in the settings.

The section of the new page has also been redesigned and now it displays not only your favorite tabs, but also the most visited pages.

A fly in the ointment

As the developers write, in order to improve security and improve performance, Firefox Quantum now exclusively supports extensions created using the WebExtension API - the older ones will not work. For example, the popular extension FireFtp is not supported by the newer version of Firefox.

In practice, this means that many of your favorite add-ons will simply stop working.

Firefox Quantum, is it worth installing or upgrading

If you are somehow related to development or you have a lot of non-standard add-ons for Firefox, then it's too early to switch to Quantum, you should wait until your extensions move there.

If you don't need anything special, you should upgrade your Firefox to Quantum now.

Download Firefox Quantum

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Author: Jake Pinkman