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How Tracking Protection works in Firefox for iOS


The Firefox browser for iOS has built-in protection against user tracking for quite some time.

In the latest version of the application, this feature is enabled by default, which makes it impossible for visited sites to track activities and access the user's personal data. You can disable the feature yourself, just as you had to enable it in earlier versions of the Firefox browser.

Features of the function in iOS

Tracking protection is enabled for both normal and private modes of working with the application. Thanks to her, Firefox blocks unwanted page content, ads and does not save your browsing history on the Internet. The principle of protection is based on the same principle as in the Firefox Focus application for iOS and Android mobile operating systems, the Firefox browser for desktop PCs and Android devices. The application receives the list of advertising and other unwanted resources from the Disconnect blacklist.

Representatives of Mozilla explained the forced inclusion of tracking protection by the fact that only the user has the right to decide what information he wants to share with third-party sites. More and more consumers are demanding the confidentiality and safety of their data from the companies to whom they provide it. Unfortunately, not all sites, social networks or online stores are capable of ensuring this privacy to the proper extent.

Additional benefits

Among the incidental benefits of forcing tracking protection, developers note faster loading of sites in the browser, since tracking scripts on these resources are simply disabled.

This allows iOS users to significantly conserve internet traffic and extend battery life by conserving battery power.

Other innovations in the iOS app include the ability to drag links from Firefox to other apps, as well as change the order of tabs on iPad at the user's discretion.

Apple went to meet third-party developers

Firefox for iOS owes Tracking Protection to Apple making it possible for third-party developers to add this useful feature. Closing it, the browser version has improved synchronization of passwords, bookmarks and browsing history between mobile devices and desktop PCs (mobile and desktop versions of the application).

It should be said that this feature is present in the versions of Firefox for Windows, macOS, Android and Linux.

It is also available in the Firefox Focus app for Android and iOS. Tabs have been added to the browser - the most requested feature among Firefox Focus users. Users were able to simultaneously open several pages and switch between them during one session.

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