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Opera Browser Gesture Control


This article will help you figure out how to work faster with the Opera browser using the mouse.

The Opera browser gained its popularity back in 2005, becoming free. It is distinguished by its speed, comfort and mobility. Each new version introduces new features that simplify the work with the browser and increase its performance.

You can download the browser Opera for free from the official website of the program:

In 2001, the program gained the ability to manage tabs with the mouse. This is a really handy feature, but ordinary users had no idea about it. Since the eleventh version of the browser, the mouse control function has visual cues with which the user can quickly master and remember the gestures of the function.

You can activate the gesture control function through the settings or using the mouse.

Example : if you hold down the right mouse button in an open tab and perform a down-right gesture, the tab will close.

At first it will be unusual to work with gestures, but after a while you will notice that it has become much more comfortable and faster to work.

The mouse wheel also plays an important role in control. If you press the wheel in Opera:

  • in the tabs area in an empty space, the browser will create a new tab (similar to Ctrl + T or clicking on " + ").
  • to a tab, it will close.
  • to any link, it will open in a new tab.

Mouse wheel actions work in all browsers.


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