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Detroit Become Human Review - Spectacular blockbuster with a mediocre script


Long before the release of Detroit Become Human, the head of game development, screenwriter and just a man of exorbitant ambitions David Cage vowed that his new project would be a much improved version of Heavy Rain. Among the advantages of the game were recorded an unprecedented level of non-linearity, cutting-edge graphics and even a plot that could open up new facets in the cliched story of smart cars. Whether Cage lived up to our expectations or created a second-rate B-class movie, read our Detroit Become Human review.

A small spoiler: if you are a fan of the Quantic Dream games, then you can buy Detroit Become Human without further thought. For 5 years of development, David Cage did not waste time and showed the best game of his studio, but this barrel of honey was not without a solid fly in the ointment.

More than just a movie

Projects Quantic Dream with enviable regularity are criticized for the desire of developers to present players with the most cinematic gaming experience. A kind of interactive movie, where we occasionally press a few buttons to then watch long cutscenes. And if in the case of Beyond Two Sous this opinion has a right to life, then Detroit Become Human, on the contrary, is entirely focused on the gameplay and is more close to classic adventure games.

Companies for each of the three characters (you can learn more about which and about the plot itself in our other article) really differ in gameplay and in fact you get three games at once in one. Thus, Conor, an ultra-modern android, and also a detective, can collect evidence at the scene of a criminal incident in order to then restore the general picture of the murder or find the right approach to another android.

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Markus, a fighter for the rights of androids and in the past assistant to the famous artist, in addition turns out to be a cybernetic copy of Damien Walters and shows the wonders of parkour and plastic. In a separate mini-game, you have to calculate a safe path through obstacles so that the revolutionary does not crash into dust and continue his just cause. As for Kara's last character, her campaign is the poorest in terms of gameplay and lacks unique game mechanics.

Add to this the abundance of action scenes and dialogues, the answers in which can radically change the course of the entire scenario, and you will get a project, the richness of the gameplay of which many classic games can envy.

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At a crossroads

Detroit Become Human is a vivid example of a game where the non-linearity of the passage is not an empty phrase, but the real basis of both gameplay and plot. Already during the first playthrough, you can feel all the titanic work that the developers have put into the game and you start to believe in the 2000 page script that Cage boasted.

Any decisions you make, mistakes in action scenes and answers in dialogues will have an impact not only on the ending of the story, but also on all subsequent chapters.

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One glance at the flowchart showing which plot points you missed will be enough to understand the full scale of the game and Cage's Napoleonic ambitions. But what can I say, 2 of the 3 main characters can die ingloriously at the very beginning of the story. But unlike other games, you will not have the “Game Over” sign and the offer to load the last save before your eyes. Detroit Become Human will continue as if nothing had happened and in the storyline of the surviving character you will definitely see the consequences of your fateful decisions.

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But along with the impressive nonlinearity, you can expect a number of unpleasant incidents. Even the most seemingly peaceful and calm scene can immediately turn into a drama, in which you can easily lose your favorite character and deprive yourself of several hours of game content. But the recipe for such a grand piano in the bush is pretty simple - if you want, you can always replay the chapter from a breakpoint.

Clay-Legged Lachrypressure Colossus

This is the easiest expression to describe the plot of the game. Almost the entire gaming press, even before the release date of Detroit Become Human, agreed that Cage had not been able to reveal in a new way the classic story of cars that began to realize their existence. If you are familiar with Isaac Asimov's creations or the "Blade Runner" films, then the new creation of Quantic Dream will tell you absolutely nothing new.

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At the same time, Cage tries to present his game as a serious work of art and tries to touch on the example of androids the topic of racial segregation and slavery, which was an important chapter in American history. But no matter how hard Cage tried, the scenario of the game exudes a secondary nature, and the final plot twist and sometimes absurd decisions of the heroes break the already fragile story.

On the other hand, Quantic Dream games have always been about emotions, forced to empathize with heroes and endlessly repeat the magic mantra: "even if everything ends well, Cage, well, don't kill this character either." And empathizing with the anthropomorphic machines in Detroit Become Human isn't hard at all. The steel shell is just a screen behind which are hidden vulnerable creatures who have the same problems as we humans of flesh and blood.

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The game skillfully alternates tragic, adrenaline and even humorous moments, evoking the whole range of emotions in you. For the kaleidoscope of situations in which the heroes will visit, you can easily forget all the pretentiousness of the plot and get tremendous pleasure from the game.


Detroit Become Human has turned out to be a game of epic proportions, which multiplies all the advantages of other Quantic Dream projects. Obviously, the meaningfulness of the script fell victim to the nonlinearity and impressive ambition that Cage tried to put into his creation. But in 15 hours of playthrough (multiply this number by three if you want to open all the story forks), you are unlikely to regret buying. As an interactive movie, Detroit Become Human does its job well, if you don't expect any revelations from the plot.

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