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God of War and becoming another worthy PlayStation 4 exclusive


Detroit Become Human is finally out, taking over from God of War and becoming another worthy PlayStation 4 exclusive. How good is another question. Unlike God of War, which received only positive reviews from gaming media and gamers, the creation of Quantic Dream receives completely different reviews: from enthusiastic and the title of one of the best games of the year to purely negative.

In general, if you pay attention to the main disadvantages of the game, then numerous publications call the main problem Detroit Become Human - a predictable scenario. It was the plot typical of cyberpunk works that we feared before the release of the game, as we wrote about in our preliminary review of Detroit Become Human. On the other hand, publications that have given high marks declare the exact opposite - David Cage managed to reveal from a new side an already boring story about the confrontation between people and humanoid machines.

At the moment, more than 70 reviews have been written for the game Detroit Become Human, and the overall rating has stopped at a high mark of 80 points. A decent result, but still falls short of the studio's other major game - Heavy Rain.

We've collected some of the highlights from Detroit Become Human reviews: - 95

Main characters, story, variability, moral dilemmas, sound and general impressions ... it all comes together in a fantastic game. David Cage Studio has created not only the best game in its history, but also set a new level of quality for the entire genre.

Gamersky - 93

Detroit is by far the studio's most ambitious project. It combines a variety of stories, choices that really affect the plot, varied gameplay and outstanding graphics.

Detroit Become Human ratings

DualShockers - 90

If you consider the project as a mix of old-school adventure games with an intriguing story, first-class acting and ultra-modern graphics, then in this sense the game is definitely a good experiment. As Detroit Become Human becomes a high point in Quantic Dream history, the increased variability and impressive quality of the game can attract even those gamers who were not the studio's target audience before.

Game Revolution - 80

While there are obvious challenges in some plot forks, Quantic Dream has been able to create an irresistible world of futuristic Detroit, complete with impressive direction and cutting-edge animation.

CGMagazine - 70

Detroit is a beautiful but flawed puzzle game. Some parts of it look good, but if you put all the pieces together, the picture falls apart.

Detroit Become Human ratings

VideoGamer - 40

The game wants to reach out to your soul. She wants to evoke an emotional response with her story. The only problem is that it doesn't actually happen. The flowchart is a nice touch that adds some replayability, but when the story is funny and awkward, you probably don't want to play the game multiple times.

As we can see, the game came out ambiguous and it can hardly be recommended to everyone, as in the case of the last God of War. We recommend that you first try the free Demo Detroit Become Human, and then decide whether the purchase is worth the 4000 rubles that Sony asks for it.

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