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Are the games dying or not?


A strange trend has emerged in the gaming industry in recent years. There are more and more multiplayer games, and projects in the genre of "Battle Royale" appear like mushrooms after rain and set new financial records. At the same time, primordial single-coil games like Wolfenstein 2 and Prey fail miserably in sales. So, it means that singles are dying out and fans of single-coil adventures will have nothing left but how to pass the hits of past years and say that the grass was greener before? It's actually not all that bad.

We propose to put aside panic for now, because rumors about the death of the single are greatly exaggerated. Singles were, are and will be, but there is always one "but". The risk that in the future we will only play the next copies of PUBG and The Division exists, but gamers are quite capable of saving the single. Alice will tell you more in her new video.

Top 5 Singles of the First Half of 2018

And in order to prove that the single is the most alive, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a selection of the best single games that were released this year.

God of War

So much has been said about the new "God of War" that it is unlikely that at least one of the modern gamers has not heard of the most highly regarded and best-selling PS4 exclusive. If you are looking for a 30-hour, spectacular and fun adventure, then you are exactly on the same path with Kratos.

Far Cry 5

We must admit that not everything is perfect in the Ubisoft shooter. Memorable plot tasks like a cat cried, a plot concept where it is imperative to complete a large number of quests of the same type also raises questions, but ... Damn it, the world of Far Cry has never been so alive, and the entourage of provincial America with freaks and rednecks of all stripes makes remember what madness is again.

Detroit Become Human

The latest work by David Cage is also the best. The story about suddenly felt like living androids will firmly hold you at the TV screen, even despite not the best scenario. After all, the main thing is not the plot itself, but how it is told. And here David Cage never had a problem. Even better graphics and one-hour chapters from Detroit Become Human could be released on Netflix without any problems.


PC Exclusives are doing pretty well this year too, especially if you look at Frostpunk. This game, even in spite of the forty-degree Hell outside the window, is able to make you cringe in an armchair and cover yourself with a warm blanket. The setting of an endlessly cruel and cold winter has been worked out perfectly, and to make gamers even more uncomfortable, the game constantly forces us to make fateful decisions, where there are no clear divisions into good or bad deeds.

Pillars Of Eternity 2

Another gift for all fans of old-school role-playing games. The developers from the studio Obsidian know how to create an almost perfect RPG like no one else. The widespread nonlinearity, dozens of elaborated secondary quests, the ability to create a unique hero and the romance of sea voyages - these are all Pillars Of Eternity 2.

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