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Detroit Become Human Preview - Hollywood From the World of Video Games


Over the past 20 years, many game developers have tried to blur the lines between video games and cinematography. Most of all in this field David Cage succeeded, who with his studio Quantic Dream in each of his new projects tried to bring games closer to the laurels of Hollywood, and, I must admit, he did it well. The release date of Detroit Become Human may not only be a landmark event for the entire gaming industry, but also another slap in the face for all skeptics who claim that games are primitive entertainment that can never be equal to cinema.

Will the game Detroit Become Human live up to the hopes placed on it and how David Cage is preparing to surprise us in the hackneyed setting of "crazy androids", we will try to figure it out in our preliminary review.

High tech, low life

The city in which the plot of the new futuristic project of David Cage will develop can be easily guessed from the title of the game. And that Detroit that we will see in the game Detroit Become Human will be easily recognizable. It is not replete with high-tech devices and flying cars, and suburban areas look like ghosts of the twentieth century. Backwater shacks, dirty streets and gloomy faces of people - sometimes modern Detroit can be difficult to distinguish from its sample of 2038, with the exception of one "but": androids.

The humanoid machines in Detroit Become Human are modeled after their creator. Like a person, they can feel, feel pain, have aspirations, desires. But all such functions are limited by software, and the androids themselves serve only as the executor of the rough work.

Detroit Become Human Preview. Preview

The main theme of the game and the central conflict is trivial for a futuristic setting - of course, over time, machines will begin to realize their personality, identity and rebel against humans. The story is not new, even hackneyed, but an important factor is how it will be told. And here David Cage has a few tricks up his sleeve.

I am an android and this is my story

The central theme of the plot of the game Detroit Become Human is not only the realization of their own identity by androids, but also the attempts of machines to integrate into society, to find their place in it among people full of mistrust and fear of humanoid machines. Therefore, only androids will be presented as playable characters - Conor, Markus and Kara. They will all show stories from different perspectives and will have individual campaigns that differ in gameplay.

Detroit Become Human Preview. Preview

Conor is a progressive android model who must solve problems with faulty humanoid machines, which are called deviants in the game. According to the concept, Conor most of all resembles the Blade Runner from the film of the same name, but unlike Descartes or Kay, he avoids using force, and by eloquence convinces the androids to surrender to the authorities.

On the other hand, as we could see from the recent Demo Detroit Become Human, Conor does not hesitate to use firearms when necessary. Everything here is at the discretion of the player: we are given only the basis of the character, but what he will become, how his story will develop - depends only on you.

Detroit Become Human Preview. Preview

Another character in Detroit Become Human will be Marcus, the leader of the android resistance. Tired of human tyranny, he tries to free the androids, to restore their ability to think independently. Marcus has a special skill for these purposes - with one touch, he can "animate" androids by hacking their software.

Another important point is that all your actions when playing as Marcus in Detroit Become Human change the morale scale. You can be a pacifist and try to act covertly, without the slightest noise. Or you can start a massive revolution by turning Detroit into blazing ruins. In this case, we believe that waiting for a happy ending for Detroit Become Human is clearly not worth it.

Detroit Become Human Preview. Preview

The third playable character will be Kara, who for some reason in the localization of Detroit Become Human in USA was nicknamed Kara, but let's leave that on the conscience of the translators. Kara is a malfunctioning android trying to find his place among people and taking care of the little girl Ellis. It can be assumed that it is Kara's story that will be the most touching and, oddly enough, humane. The theme of a child and a parent (in the case of Ellis's foster) is not the most popular in the gaming industry, but it will give a powerful response if such a story is presented without vulgarity and with imagination.

Why wait

We have already talked in more detail about the features of Detroit Become Human, so we will repeat the most important thing. Almost all of David Cage's projects boast impressive non-linearity, and in this regard Detroit will go even further. Only one demo version for Conor had 6 possible endings, and if the developers maintain such a high level of variability, then we can get an unprecedented level of non-linearity of the game.

Detroit Become Human Preview. Preview

The claimed 10 hours to complete can easily turn into 30, or even 40 hours, if you try to open all possible plot forks. Also, do not forget that any of the characters may die, but you will not be able to restart the game, you will have to accept the loss and play further.

The only thing that raises concerns is the plot of the game. The stated volume of the script of 2,000 pages is good, but the main thing is quality, not quantity. David Cage knows how to squeeze a teardrop out of a gamer with cinematic scenes, but the script in his games was limping on both legs, especially in the finale.

It is worth remembering only Fahrenheit, which from an interesting mystical story in the end turned into a circus with ancient prophecies and the salvation of mankind, or Heavy Rain, where the whole story about the Origami Killer is destroyed due to a huge plot blooper, like the Detroit Become Human scenario.

Detroit Become Human Preview. Preview

But in any case, we look forward to the release of Detroit Become Human on May 25. If Quantic Dream took into account the problems of their previous games, but at the same time did not lose the talent for telling soulful and non-linear stories, then Playstation 4 owners will have another masterpiece in the treasury of exclusives.

By the way, about the masterpieces in the box of PS4 exclusives - we recommend watching the video review of God of War. Many compliments have already been said towards Kratos's new adventures, and believe me, they are more than justified.

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