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Detroit Become Human - Lots of new details, gameplay trailer and demo


The highly acclaimed game God of War has recently been released, but Sony is not resting on its laurels and will delight PlayStation fans next month with the release of Detroit Become Human, a new game from the fathers of the interactive cinema genre. In light of the upcoming release, the developers have shared new details about their hotly anticipated hit.

Difficulty levels and storyline

The most important innovation and difference from other games of the studio is 2 difficulty levels. The first level of difficulty offers much less freedom in gameplay and reduces the risk of death of the main characters of the game, which, recall, is one of the features of Quantic Dream. The second is more classic: greater freedom and an increased chance of death for the protagonists. All in all, this is the choice for experienced gamers who want to not only watch movies, but also take an active part in it.

The developers once again reminded that the death of the characters will not only result in watching a sad cutscene, but will also affect the development of the scenario of the entire game. Every action you take will have consequences.

According to David Cage, Game Development Lead for Detroit Become Human, the script document is 2,000 pages long, so expect non-linearity like the best RPGs.

Additionally, it encourages re-passing statistics, which gamers can see after completing the level. All decisions made and missed plot branches will be displayed on special charts. The first playthrough of Detroit Become Human will take 10 hours and an additional 30 more if you want to explore all possible scenarios.

detroit become human

One of the main goals of Quantic Dream is to create the most cinematic adventure possible. To do this, the developers studied the principles of conducting camera work on the example of famous films in order to make the camera's behavior as natural as possible.

For 2 years, we have been working on capturing animation. More than 300 actors were recruited.


The player will have to carefully explore the environment and collect the found items, which can then be used in a certain story fork. The weapons found will help resolve the conflict with brute force, and if you collect numerous evidences, you can understand the motives of the characters' actions and complete the mission without killing.

Numerous newspapers and electronic devices are scattered across the locations, which are available for reading from the "Advanced" tab. Additional materials will allow you to learn more about the setting and the subtle consequences of decisions made by the player.

In the recent trailer, you can learn more about the gameplay. The developers demonstrated a new scene with one of the main characters - androyd Markus.

The official release of the game is expected very soon - on May 25. If you have doubts about David Cage's new project, you can download a free demo. Our editors love the creations of Quantic Dream, but we are sure that the best PS4 exclusive of 2018 is out now - God of War, a review of which you can read on our website.

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